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So July 25, 2016. My mom's cat died at the age of 19. She was like a little sister to me. She basically raised me. I know this isn't kpop related, but I needed to make a card in her memory. Her name was Misty Blue Eyes. She was a Siamese and Manx mix with Tortoiseshell calico coloring. My mom was working at a vet office and my uncle's wife's friend came in one day with her pregnant cat in convulsions because she accidentally gave the cat the wrong flea medication. My mom and the vet saved the cat and her 5 kittens. Soon after the cat gave birth, she abandoned her kittens and my mom had to bottle feed the 5 kittens every 2 hours for 2 weeks. Although there was one kitten who simply refused to eat, causing my mom to force feed her. After those 2 weeks, the owner asked what she could do to repay my mom, to which she replied "You know that kitten with the white spot? I'll take that stubborn little girl." And thus is my first memory of her. A tiny white kitten that I got to hold on the way home. Now we think that she's 19, but we're not completely sure. Its a very faint memory so for all I know, my mom could have told me that when I was younger and I just envisioned it. She was a spunky thing too. We had a dog named Bandit who was a boxer, she died in 2006 I think, and they'd chase each other around the house. She wouldn't let anyone mess with her. When she got older, she calmed down. She wanted to be held and loved on more and more. The last picture is how she loved to be hugged when she was 17. I have more stories of her, but I just don't want to make a huge card of stories throughout the years. Rest In Peace our pretty girl.