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Part 17 _ * _ * _ * "Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday Yoongi!" Everyone chanted. As wierd as it was, this was his last day at school. He was moving tomorrow.... so after talking about for a month or so he finally agreed to celebrate it and me being the amazing girlfriend I am called all our friends. He was so happy even though he didn't admit it it was all over his face. "Cake time!" Hoseok shouted as we all sat down. "Finally!" Jin chanted taking the candles off. I handed the knife or Yoongi and we watched as he cut even pieces for everyone. We spent the whole day laughing and carrying on about nothing and everything forgetting all about homework that we would end staying up 'til the early morning to finish all so we ouldnt have to say goodbye just yet. "Yoongi~!" I called. Everyone was distracted, putting bets on either Taehyung's or Jin's for Modern Warfare. "Yes?" He answered moving in front of me. "I love you." I said kissing his cheek. He smiled widely as I blushed. "I love you too." He kissed my nose leading me back to where everyone was. - - - It had been months since Yoongi and I last saw each other and we were texting less and less. We were both busy so it was understandable but it still hurt to drift apart and I didn't want it to get worse so we somehow found a time and place to meet up. "Hey, long time no see." I smiled as we hugged each other interlocking hands. "Yeah, I missed you so much." He sighed with a tired smile I shared. "I missed you too..." I looked down. "But?" "It hurts... and it's harder than I thought it would be..." He sighed lifting my head so I looked him in the eyes. "It is isn't it. It's not like i dont still love you, I'm head over heels but..." He looked down taking a deep breath. "But?" He snapped his eyes back at me. They were filled with sorrow. "It's too much... on the both of us." He was right but I didn't want to believe it. "You don't mean..." My voiced died out not wanting to say it. "Yeah, let's break up." His head hung low as our hands dropped. Silence filled the air. "Do you really mean it?" No answer. "Say something... please." I felt something wet drip down my face but I didn't care what it was right now. "I'm... I'm sorry, I can't do this anymore..." He looked up tears streaming from his eyes. "Maybe in the future when we can actually see each other and enjoy each other's presence.... we can try again. And i won't love anyone else but woth how this is going we'll grow to hate each other and I wouldn't be able to live like that." I nodded solemnly. "You promise?" "I promise." A small nod from the both of us replaced any words that were to be spoken and I walked. I walked knowing we made a promise we couldn't control, but hey, we were always about taking risks. Why not? _ * _ * _ *
A/N: The end?? You decide, do you want a happy ending or keep this? Also anything I need to work on or suggestions for another story, edits, etc.? Btw the edits above are mine. The collages are a new style for me. B.A. Squad: @resavalencia @MelissaGarza @VeronicaArtino @LemonLassie @vipgirl5 @MichelleIbarra @StefaniTre @CrystalGuerra @RKA916 @Michelle305 @StefaniTre @DalyRomero @minimanim3 @CrystalGuerra @JaxomB @SugaOnTop @AvisSpirit @SugaMint @Animezkpopgirl Advanced Group: @MrsJungHoseok @kanatm @hanheeyoung1126 @shellyfuentes70 @HopeYoongi Fanfic: @VatcheeAfandi99 @twistedPuppy @Sailynn @AmberRelynn @IsisMayaVelasco
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