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Taehyung with his square smile that always brightens my day. This is an all pencil sketch. I have seen some speed drawings on YouTube and figured I could try it out. I think I did pretty good.
I got new markers a few weeks ago and gave them a try. Suga with green hair and the photo I used was from BTS in Chicago.
Jimin looking mysterious and sexy at the same time. Again using this markers. I think I did better with the markers with Jimin. Photo of used was from a fan meeting back when they were promoting RUN. I will say that his hair color during that time was my favorite.
Jungkook with the same markers. Photo used I think a fan meeting I don't when but I think the drawing looks pretty good.
comment below on which one is your favorite. there will be more to come with the pencil sketch.
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oml all of them are amazing