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Hello my lovely beans! I am here to bring today's first GD ship week pairing aka the awkward love triangle

and you may be asking....why a love triangle we because four scores and many years ago young bae was my UB but then I discovered the test of BB and well that was history but now let's get to the good stuff

one of my fave pairings ever GD & YB the definition of friendship goals

literally combine these two and they become the biggest children I've ever seen.....(well minus kimchi and seungjun but that's a whole different topic)

they slay your whole existence together with 0 effort

taeyang is me ...we are one

hope you guys enjoyed ....kept it kinda short because let's be real after a 16hr shift I'm exhausted


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@BBxGD yes ...yes I did can't not include my kimchi
@LocoForJiyong The beautiful Kimchi (i bet ppl are thinking about food😂😂)
@BBxGD probably😂😂😂 but I'm sure if they see my posts they know
hopefully😂😂😂😂 @LocoForJiyong
Everyone needs to find the Taeyang to their GD. The world would be a beautiful place!