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COPY AND PASTE THIS ON YG AND 2NE1 FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS Hello YG ENTERTAINMENT, this is a letter from all Blackjacks and KPOP fans around the world, please don't ignore us. We're really grateful for what you did with La Materialista, ok, you blocked her video,but ,it seems that she doesn't care. She's still doing the promotion of chipi cha cha in TV and Radio. And she says that the song will continue. Despite all that,she also makes fun of korean people and Blackjacks. All we want is that you take legal actions against @/LAMATERIALISTA1! she deserves it for what she is doing. We don't want to be rude... please READ the text below, so you'll know what are we talking about. These are the interviews with the local media: -------------------------- 94.9 Radio Station "You can't do anything because a lot of people download it already and i will not delete my video" "I can't pay a lawsuit and I will wait for that, maybe they will want me to sign with them" *laughs* ------------------------------------------------------ ALOFOKE MUSIC RADIO SHOW 103.7 FM " I just take this track from a koren friend" "If I have paid for a lot of songs, I don't think is wrong to take one and lend it to me in these difficult times" "I have the permission" "I'm CL's friend. *laugh" ---------------------------------------------------------------- Telenoticias RD (Dominican television program) "I have to say these lyrics are mine, this korean song has 2 years and 1 month out, and if you translate the official song lyrics you will see that it doesn't say what my song does. fans from other countries like to threaten me but fans here support me because they like it. they're saying that they're gonna sue me well i hope if they do they do it in korea and be in korea news and korea jail, not here, Please not here over there,i want to be in the news over there." ----------------------------------------------------------------- She recently put on her twitter(@LAMATERIALISTA1) the tweets below: " #MaterialistaFamily they block my official video song #chipi_cha_cha but here is the download link for the mp3 " here's the link "Good morning my loves #MaterialistaFamily, Do not miss my interview this afternoon in @arteymediord at 2:30 #CHIPI_CHA_CHA will continue" -------------------------------------------------------------- YG,hope you can do something to stop this Girl.. don't just block her video, she said that she doesn't care about and will continue promoting "her song",also,she is going to make a video for this song. Don't ignore us and make this girl pay for what shes doing. You have to sue her. With love, Blackjacks worried about this matter. -------------------------------------------------------------------- C'MON BLACKJACKS!!! WORLDWIDE!! Let's Show Our SUPPORT and LOVE for 2NE1!! LIKE! COMMENT! CLIP! & SHARE!!
She sure have the nerves!!! That crazy bitch! Even the choreography is the same. Can she just suck her non-existent dick?! She's gone real nuts!!!! G r r r!!!!
Eww I just cant even watch anymore of this -.-
oh please! b*!
This girl is crazy if she thinks she can get away with this.
That's crazy I didnt even know about this! >.<