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these poor boys lol but they need to do this more often because it provides me with so much entertainment

and can I just say...............

Holy back scratching !!!!! Seungjun ......and Kimchi...if you don't ship them after this ....if dk what you're doing with your life

@TheEnlightment the ship is too real here ...you should watch this but be warned this might be the game changer in your ship world๐Ÿ˜‚
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@LocoForJiyong I have one thing to say to you after that ... MEHHHHH (what the hell? they're so weird lol) I lied.. I have more to say. They're not OTP yet but OH MY GOD, the back scratching was EVERYTHING and they're just adorable. Thanks for introducing me. I know KNK but I haven't delved deep enough to see ships and this is lovely
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