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Que tal peeps!

This is short part. I had a busy day and I'm super tired!

Thanks for all your support mis amgios. Well the rule is the same. If this part get at least 10 likes I will continue with the series.

Mature Content



Your eyes widen as you read some odd text messages. It was froma random person. Only your job, the guys, and your home girl Maranda has your number. Who could be sending you these text messages? So many questions and thoughts were running through your mind. The room began getting smaller to you. Jimin was sound asleep and he looked so cute. You didn't want to wake him so you laid in bed trying to fall asleep. Maybe this is a prank you think. Maybe Yoongi was trying to get back at you. You find peace in this thought and drifted off to sleep. The next morning you went straight to class and to your internship. You went home and called your friend Maranda the girl you escaped with. She was nervous too. She wasn't getting any odd text messages but she was scared for you. Whoever this was knew too much about your past. They needed to be handled. Why when you are doing so well and are so happy some freak of nature wants to come and throw shade.
After you got off the phone with her you called Yoongi. You asked him to come to your place alone and not tell anyone where he was going. 30 minutes passed by and he arrived. You buzzed him in. He walked into your place as if he owned it. Then he sat on your couch where you were sitting. "Wow, so you finally realized I'm the real man." Yoongi said while smirking. "Look fuck playing games. Why the fuck are you sending me odd texts?" You say while staring at him. "What the fuck? Why would I waste my time? You asked me to come here for that? I thought you were gonna bust it open." Yoongi said. "Yoongi I'm not some whore. I belong to Jimin. You told me you knew something about me before you forced me to touch your nasty dick." You say. Yoongi roll his eyes but doesn't reply. You begin to grow impatient with him. "Well, tell me." You yell. "What did I tell you. You have to work for what you want. Look I'm not staying here I'm out. I have tracks to make." Yoongi stands up. You quickly stand in front of him. "So I have to work for what I want?" You pull down his pants and grab him while squeezing him hard. "Shit! What the fuck?" Yoongi screams. "You want me to suck your dick Min Yoongi. This is what you want?" You say while squeezing him and staring him down. He quickly pulls away and pulls up his pants. "You are freaking crazy! Don't ever do that again! All I know is word is you used to be some stripper. A good one. My old friend told me. But I dismissed it cuz you are too fucking up tight to be like that." Yoongi said while trying to keep calm. You press your lips together. "Who is this friend?" "Dong-hoon....why?" Yoongi says. "Nothing. You can leave now. Thanks." You say while picking up your phone. Yoongi gives you a weird look. He was still bewildered by you grabbing his memeber with such force. He was sore and thought you broke his member. "Freak." He mumbles under his breath as he walks out.
A week has passes by since the text messages. You were hoping that it would not happen again. If so you and Maranda would have to visit that Dong-hoon guy. You went on with your life. You were still planning your big night with Jimin since the guys would oy be home for 2 more weeks. They had to go to America for this Kcon event and they would be away for sometime doing other stuff. You were with Tae and you both were on the way to his place to pick up Jungkook. You knew these two knew Jimin very well and they were helping you plan the big night with Jimin. They were going to go shopping with you to help you pick out things he would enjoy. Namjoon was in the studio with Hobi and Yoongi recording a new track while Jin was filming his Jin Eat series. When you and Tae walked into the apartment you both heard odd noises. Tae quickly walked in front of you acting like a ninja. You thought is was super funny and held your laugh in. You two continue to follow the noise. However, you thought it was off that you both haven't seen Jungkook yet. He was supposed to be ready to go. You follow the noises to your guest room to find..........

Lol jajajaja until next time peeps!

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You very no fun!!!!! Lol!!!!! I hope you have a better day!!!!
Jungkook what are you doing
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Tag me please