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Heads Up! New Game is Pretty Great!
When I'm already watching a lot of anime (like I am now), I usually try to avoid starting new ones until the current season ends & I have a break.
Buuuuuuuuuut sometimes I keep coming across stills from an ongoing show I end up needing to check out XD Such is the case with New Game!
There's just so many lines & clips that are so relatable!
Plus, the show starts off about working in a new company which is something I think we can all relate to!
Thought I guess not many of us can relate to working in a company with so many cuties lol, or working at a cool game company XD

The show itself is pretty good so far!

I'm loving each and every minute of a show, all the wonderful characters, and lovely art/animation. It's really getting up there in terms of my favorite shows this season!!! I'll write a proper preview card this weekend, but for now, I wanted to share this :D

I mean....it's a show of Cute Girls doing Cute Things!!!

+ a heavy side of yuri undertones, lol. For those who like (or don't like) that sort of thing.

Is anyone watching this? What do you think?

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@assasingod Glad I'm not the only one thoroughly loving this :D
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Love this anime! Was looking for a lighthearted show one night and was lucky enough to stumble upon this gem. Now I just need to find something to watch while I wait for new episodes, heh.
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Loving it! XD
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the new episode was funny ad
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