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So I found this as a random pic on a KPop card by @imiebegay14, and it looked like fun! They agreed so here's a card! After making the daring move to turn my phone on Shuffle here's what I got! 1) Overall Theme: If Everyone Cared by Nickleback 2) 1st Zombie Kill: Run Devil Run by Girls Generation 3) Horde Chase: Still Alive by Big Bang 4) Killing Loved One: Bottoms Up by Nickleback 5) Find Survivors: Walk This Way by Aerosmith 6) New Senpai: Hotel California by Eagles 7) Final Stand: Undead by Hollywood Undead 8) Survival: Hot Summer by f(x) 9) Bite Discovery: Ms. Potato Head by Melanie Martinez 10) End Credits: Bottoms Up by Brantley Gilbert


1) lol! pretty fitting for an apocalypse 馃槀 but seriously I'm saving my own hide and maybe like three people...exactly three people unless I find internet friends though that'd be near impossible to find out... 2) since it's the living dead and probably the work of the devil, I find that pretty accurate for a first kill. Look out devil! I'm coming for you next! 馃槇馃槈 3) Guess I survive the chase 4) From the lyrics it's the fun drinking so I guess that means I don't have to deal with my mother anymore 馃槀 5) They better be ready to walk the way and talk this way as in listen to me! I'm in charge of this group! 馃槇 6) That song usually seems creepy and depressing to me like they trapped in a sorta fun but hellish place which is usually how my love life goes so yeah that's pretty accurate. 7) OMFG! 馃槀 do I even need to say anything?! Guess my phone has a sense of humor! 8) no thoughts 9) Well...guess I've got some hiding and faking to do...fake it till you make it right? 10) country is usually pretty fitting for the end of an apocalypse. I approve

So is your phone as ironically clever as mine?

Comment below or make your own card and tag me!

102?!?! Good lord. D:
@danidee No joke. I went to the fair with my couch Monday and the Forecast said 84. I live in Indiana, the state of all four season in 20 min. It got to 102!
Oh my god, I really want to do this, but my taste in music is so dorky.
Also I've had Hot Summer stuck in my head all week lol. Because it's indeed been a hot summer.
@danidee oh it can't be that bad! 馃槀 I got lucky my songs could've been just so much worst!