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After mentioning that I was working on my Nozomi Ita Bag in this other card, I thought it was finally time to finish it up! And I did!!!!

Here it is - my Nozomi ita bag!!!

The character is Nozomi from Love Live! "Ita" stands for painful, so this is meant to be a "painful" bag. It's painful to look at, painful because you love the character so much, painful to your wallet.....lol. I actually have some more Nozomi charms at my parents house but I'll work on adding those later once I pick my packages up :3

This is the backpack & the charms before I put them on!

It took quite a bit of time to re-arrange things and I'm still not 100% satisfied with the layout, but I think as I add more I'll love it more and more. I bought the charms while in Japan & from people selling their extras online! I ordered the backpack from the site WEGO using the delivery service Tenso!!!
some people were asking how I attached them so I added these pics! There's two separate zipper sections on the bag - I pinned things through the liner between the clear part and the bag part!

Who else wants to make one??

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@hikaymm that's convenient of doing them ordering process for you
a year ago·Reply
@SimplyAwkward yep!! they charge a little bit for the service but its not too bad. i just used their shipping service only so i did my ordering & just used google translate where it wasn't obvious what to do & was fine!!
a year ago·Reply
@hikaymm awesome! do online japanese stores usually offer services like that?
a year ago·Reply
@lovelikematoi hmm well it's another company not the brand itself so actually you can use them for anything you wanna buy online in japan! I use similar services in China too
a year ago·Reply
@hikaymm reeeeeeally?! hooray!!! :D
a year ago·Reply