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What's your first Asian Drama?

Despite, the fact that Meteor Garden became the first drama that got me seriously hooked into Taiwanese Drama, the very first drama I watched is Heaven's Wedding Gown. Back in the days my family and I used to watch tv shows on cable. Heaven's Wedding Gown was one one of the shows I discovered on tv. The drama is basically about an affluent fashion designer who fell in love with a clumsy, optimistic girl with the same interest. The rich vs poor romance plot has always been popular. I finally notice it when I watched my fifth drama and notice the similar plot with the status game. In real life, audience can't relate to any of these but it's something they can daydream about. I still believe some people watch dramas to fulfill their dream of living such life. Anyways, I continued to watch this drama because I was rooting for the second lead and wanted to see if they ended up together.
Through watching this drama I also got into Mando pop. I grew up listening to American candy pop songs (Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears) and at that time I thought Mando pop music videos had more meaning and sounds prettier. The OST of Heaven's Wedding Gown made me fell in love of asian music.
Heaven's Wedding Gown OST: 1. Cyndi Wang - Flower Gown (Opening) 2. 183 Club - Torture (Sub theme) 3. Cyndi Wang - The Kingdom of Love (Ending) The background music/instrumental for this drama is a gem. If you watch the drama, you'll know what I mean. =)
And that's the conclusion of my first Asian drama. Feel free to join this challenge anytime and share your story! I would love to hear about it. :)