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Guys am I the only one that thinks that actor bias and idol bias are two different things? Alot of people that I've asked have only one ultimate bias and it's either an actor or an idol.
For me, I have a actor UB AND a idol UB My ultimate idol bias is Exo Chanyeol ( with some occasional wrecking from CHEN, Lay, Jimin, Jhope, Sehun,and D.o)
And my ultimate actor bias is Park Bo Gum ( with wrecking from Lee minho, Kim Woobin, Kim Soohyun, Lee Jongsuk, and Kim Bum) I thinks it's completely ok to have only one UB but I wanted to know if I was the only one that has two.
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I agree. I think they are 2 different things. My actor UB is Lee Min Ho and my idol UB is DO Kyungsoo.馃槏馃槏
Same! Total same. My idol UB is ZiTao and my actor UB is Sung Joon..and honestly it's hard to choose just one!
Haha I agree! I actually (in total) have 12 UBs xD (SHINee, G-Dragon: Kim Bum, Lee Jong Suk, Kim Soohyun, Song Joong ki, and Kim Tae Hwan) I am too multifandomed to have a reasonably functionable bias list, so oh well xD So at least you aren't as bad off as I am xS
Nope....same here.
yep. JB for idol and Woo Bin for actor, though Woo Bin gets wrecked regularly by the likes of Lee Jong Suk, Ji-Hwan, Jong Geun Suk, Blue Lan, Aaron Yan, and a host of others. For actors I am more fickle. For idols I want to adopt JB because of his personality, singing, etc.