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RM participated in '힙합하다 1' or 'It's Hip Hop' book, along with the other 41 Korean rappers like dok2, San E, Zico and more..

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[Ctto] I'm honestly so proud of Namjoon, to be picked, as for being a rapper idol, to be in this '힙합하다' book with the other 41 rappers 😢 That would be such an honour for him, as expected Army...our leader 😭😻
Seeing his name on this book with all the other talented Korean rappers is just- 😭
You can order the book here: (x)

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are they translated to English?
a year ago·Reply
that's our leader mon, guys!~ 😭😘
a year ago·Reply
@haitai I'm not sure if they are but it would be most likely not ^^
a year ago·Reply
tbh i would still buy it aha
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