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There are many ups and downs when you're working in a company with a group of people. However, a sudden disagreement with your co-workers or external circumstance may not be the underlying reason to why your great job suddenly suck. Here are some hints you should look out for:

1. You are bored at work.

Does this sound like you? A) You complete all your task by mid-day and struggle in the middle of the week thinking about what to do next. B) Most of the time you're sitting there not knowing what you're paid to do. C) Your task seem repetitive. SOLUTION: Set goals and plan for the week. If you have a goal to reach your task will become more meaningful.

2. You constantly check the time.

It's only 4pm but you're dying to get out. When the clock hit 6pm you are absolutely ready to leave the office. SOLUTION: Put your phone in your bag and set your browser to fullscreen (so the time is not showing). You will feel less irritated and distracted.

3. You have no work life balance.

Are you making a decent salary but have no time to enjoy it? When you're handed a project you spend extra time trying to exceed expectations but in the end you felt like it was all in vain? Yup, should take a step back and not push yourself to the limit. SOLUTION: Rule #1 - Don't take your work home (unless you have to). Take some time to do your favorite things in the evening. Hang out with some friends and learn something new on the weekends.

4. There are no signs of improvement.

You've been working at the same position for two years. You feel discouraged because you haven't been offered a raise or a promotion. SOLUTION: Don't be afraid to schedule a meeting with your supervisor and discuss your career growth plan. Brainstorm on what you want to do going forward and leadership opportunities in the company. If you've tried everything and nothing changes, it may be time to think about moving forward.
@MyAffairWith I agree if it's difficult to grow in the company then it's time to move on. I hope everything goes well for you. Whatever it'll be.
@cindystran I really wish it were easy at my job. Everything is determined by my manager. I can't move into a senior level position without their approval, let alone a managerial position. I think that sometimes it's best to move out of the job than to move into position for me.
@MyAffairWith that's true. Unless you're working in a mid-range company it might be difficult to schedule a meeting to discuss about shifting roles. Although most jobs should have options for entry level to move up to manager position.
@cindystran thank you! I have to say I do think it's time to move on because I haven't had a promotion in a long time and I think they are noticing that I'm losing interest in working!!
Scheduling a meeting with a supervisor is really hard if your tasks are set and that's what you've been hired for. Sometimes the only option is to find another job!