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"Woah there, don't get up just yet." The guy said, laughing slightly. I looked up and saw Jimin standing in front of me, a tiny smile plastered on his face. "Jimin? What are you doing here?" I said, cocking my head to the side. He frowned a little and sat beside me, ruffling the sheets as he did. "Don't you remember? You texted me a few days ago saying that you wanted me to come over. Something about your head hurting?" I felt my heart speed up. A few days ago, I thought I had only been out for a few minutes. Wait a minute. Did he say I texted him? I looked at him a little confused. "I didn't text you." I say, suspiciously. Exactly why did he come to my house? Jimin signed sightly and dug out his phone, pressing a few buttons and then showed me a bright screen. On it I saw my contact name and an urgent message asking if he could come over, because I wasn't feeling very good and no one was home. I looked at him and gave him a little awkward smile. "Oh, sorry. But, I thought we didn't exchange numbers?" Jimin opened his mouth, but before he could say anything his phone rang. He quickly looked at it and brung it to his ear. "What is it." He mumbled. There was a loud crash sound from the other end as people shouted and the other person had to yell over everything, causing me to hear everything they were saying. "Namjoon found out what we were doing. He's flying back right now. You have to leave, NOW." Those words rang in my ears as I saw Jimin scowl and swear at the guy for talking to loud. I quickly stood up, my heart starting to go insane. I instantly had a bad feeling about this whole situation and I really wanted, no, I needed to get away. Especially from Jimin. "Jimin." I started, feeling a lump in throat form. I didn't want to ask the question I was thinking, afraid of the answer that would come out his mouth. I may have amnesia, but I sure of hell remember that I didn't give him my number. I felt my hands start to sweat, as I stood there. Jimin looked at me confused, trying to play the innocent card until the end, but I didn't buy it. "What did you do to Namjoon?" My voice soft as I whispered the question. This guy was seriously freaking me out. I've only known him for a few days and I just found him in my room after, apparently, sleeping for three days. Maybe my gut feeling about Jimin was right and he is like the man from my nightmare. My amnesia made sure of  that I didn't remember my past, but maybe with my dreams my messed up brain was trying to portray what had happened to me. The whole wings and dungeon thing may not be the truth, but if they were telling me that my brother, a brother that for some reason I felt attracted to, was a big part of my life, then I'll take it. And if it was telling me to get away from Jimin then I'll happily comply. In my train of thought I didn't see Jimin suddenly scowl, his once friendly nature disappearing. "That's all you damn talk about isn't it." He huffed, dragging his hands through his hair, letting it fall casually back in place. "What are you talking about?" I said, getting more terrified by the second. He suddenly stood up and looked me directly in my eyes, freezing me in place. "He's coming back, so I'll have to speed up my plan." He said, mumbling as he looked to the side. "It will be hard, since you even say his name when you sleep." He continued, thinking out loud. I suddenly felt my mouth go dry and my face heat up. "What are you talking about." I manage to choke out, surprising myself that I could speak in this situation. "Namjoon. You said his name a million times in the past three days." Jimin cut, stepping forward. As on impulse I instantly stepped back. "Help me." Jimin mimicked, stepping forward again. "Save me, don't leave me, I love you." He said, scowling even more as each time he stepped forward, closer to me. I back up quickly, but quicker than I liked, felt my hands touch the wall. I was trapped. Jimin smiled evilly as he got so close our breathes intermingled. He rested one arm above my head, blocking me off from running away. "I thought I wiped all your memories and feeling's you've had of him the first time." He mumbled, looking down. "What are you talking about?" I stuttered. Jimin shrugged, like he didn't know and looked at me, smiling a little. "I guess I can just make you forget." He said, licking his lips as he wrapped his free hand around my waist. I jolted up from his touch, feeling the electricity in his fingertips. "Get away from me!" I screamed instantly, violently trying to push him away from me, but either he was super strong or I was really weak, but he didn't even budge. Not even a inch. Instead I saw his eyes turn a crimson red. "Nice try, my angel. You won't get away from me this time." Damn it, my nightmare was right. Almost like magic Jimin's eyes became hypnotizing. Not like before when I was frozen with fear. This felt different. I didn't feel in control of my body as I couldn't help but stare directly into his eyes. "I was trying to be nice and try to win you over the hard way, but then I heard that Namjoon was still alive a few days ago after Yoongi ran into his friends. I couldn't afford to lose you again." He said, suddenly bringing his other hand down gently stroking my neck with his thumb. "He was dead?" I said, not being able to slap his hand away. He cocked his head slightly to get a better look at my neck, nodding and brushed some loose strained away from my face. I gulped harshly as he brung his face even closer, his lips brushing against mine. "Yoongi drowned him in a Lake when he was escaping with you. A lake that you fell into too." All this was new too me and I couldn't even show any expression, not when I was frozen by his red eyes. Why was he doing this? None of this made sense at all and I was confused beyond compare. I felt a single tear roll down my emotions less face Jimin finally leaned in the final distance and kissed me. His lips felt warm as he pressed harder and I don't know if it was still the mind control or me just miserably giving up, but I kissed him back. He smiled as his kissed me again and I grabbed his neck, bringing him closer. I internally screamed at myself as he deepened the kiss even more. What was I doing? I take it back. This wasn't me. This was Jimin. I didn't want this. He isn't the one I want to kiss. Not in slightest. He was making me think that I wanted to kiss him. After a few minutes he suddenly broke away, looking at me, instead with his dark black eyes and pressed his lips to my neck. Instantly something sharp pierced my skin and I muffled a scream and I felt liquid cascade down my neck. "What are you doing?" Jimin didn't respond as he kept sucking on my neck. I felt his lips lightly brush my neck and along my jawline. "You are mine." He mumbled as our breathing colliding when we stood face to face. I saw a dark liquid painted on his lips and fangs against his lips. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. "You're a vampire..." I whispered just enough for me to hear. I didn't even believe what I was saying in the first place, but when I witnessed a small smile play on his face. I knew it was true. "You are mine." He said again. I didn't know why he was saying again and I could sense he wasn't using his hypnosis, but I was too scared to do anything but nod in agreement. Jimin smiled slightly again at me and pecked my lips one more time, turning his eyes red again. "you won't remember a thing unless I give you permission too." He suddenly command and then in a blink of an eye he was gone, leaving me standing there, forgetting everything that just happened; after a few seconds I zapped out of my trance. "Why am I standing here?" I mumbled, looking around the room confused. I don't remember getting up, but my head doesn't hurt so it mustn't be important. I casually shrugged my shoulders in defeat and walked out of my room. As I passed the living room, into the kitchen, I found my parents laying of the couch, sleeping. "Huh, I guess they fell alsleep?." I whispered, looking at their passed out figures. I quietly walked into the kitchen, not wanting to wake them and grabbed whatever I could and stuffed into my mouth: crackers, cereal,bread, anything. For some reason I was starving. It felt like I haven't eaten in days. After I stuffed my face I started to walk back into the living room to see if I could wake my mom up since it was the middle of the day, but the house door was jerked open, making me jump up in surprise. I screamed and jerked my head and saw Namjoon sprint into the room, looking terrified. "ARA!" He yelled. Namjoon was drenched with sweat and he looked like the first time I saw him when he walked into the house at two am. His chest lifted up and down every time he gasped for air, looking like he had sprinted here. His eyes darted around the house at light speed, landing on me in a few seconds. He clenched his fist open and closed as he stared at me, looking like he was about to run up to me and crush me into a hug. Though he didn't. I narrowed my eyes at him, remembering that we were in a middle of a fight. "You're still restraining?" My voice cutting the air. His eyes went soft as his figure finally relaxed, seeing that I wasn't hurt. "You're still here." He whispered, starting to smile, completely ignoring my question. "Ya, I'm still here. Where else would I go?" I snap. Namjoon walked up to me, but stopped himself when he was a few feet away. "Where's Jimin?" I cocked my eyebrow up in surprise. That's why he bolted home? To see if Jimin was here. How does he even know about Jimin? I never told him. "He's not here." I say, folding my arms across my chest. He looked at me surprised, but backed away, heading straight to our mom and dad. He checked their necks for some odd reason and jerked them awake, making them freak out and stand up. "Don't touch her!" My dad yelled once he opened his eyes as my mom simultaneously screamed. I jolted a little by the sudden noise as I looked at both of them freaking out. "So he was here." Namjoon hissed, looking at me. I shook my head in defense and turned to sit down on the nearby chair. I wasn't lying. He really hasn't been here. My mom looked shaken up as she vibrated nervously and my dad looked like he was about to murder someone. "Calm down. He's gone." Namjoon calmly said, making them sit down again. They both looked around, spotting me sitting down at the same time, making me slightly wave awkwardly. They both breathed a sigh of relief and looked back at Namjoon. "He was here. How did he know where we lived?" My mom whispered, trying horribly for me not to hear. Namjoon shook his head,signaling for her to stop talking as he moved his eyes towards me. "We'll talk later, right now we need to move Ara some where else. Our place actually. It's safer with all of us watching her." My mom quickly nodded her head, not even arguing, and got up to start packing. "Ara, hurry up and pack your stuff, you're leaving." She yelled, grabbing the nearest bag and running to my room. Wait, what? I quickly got up and looked at them extremely confused. "What are you talking about? Why are we leaving? I just got here." No one answered me as they all hurried all over the house. I scowled and tried again. "Why are we leaving?" I asked, louder this time. Namjoon looked at me and shoved a bag into my hands, making sure we didn't touch. "Please don't ask questions, just come with me." He said, quickly walking out of the house. I stood there shocked until my dad's voice came through above the silence. "Go with him. Namjoon will keep you safe." He said, giving me another bag. "What do you mean. Please someone just tell me what's going on." I pleaded, crushing the bag in my hands. My dad looked at me like wanted to tell me, but shook his head instead. Anger boiled inside of me and I whipped my bag on my back. "Fine, don't tell me." I spat, walking out of the room. "Ara, wait!" He yelled after me. I sighed harshly and stopped right when I was out of the door. "What?" My dad looked at me hesitant, opening and closing his mouth several times, trying to find the right words. I waited impatiently until he finally said something. "It's not my place to tell you. It's Namjoon's." He said, looking at me with sadden eyes. "How is it Namjoon's?" I asked. My dad sighed and looked at my mother who had walked into the room and nodded his head. "I think it's time to tell her. So much has happened in the few days. Lift the restriction of him." My mom hesitantly looked at me like she didn't want to tell me, but eventually nodded back and walked towards me. "I'll tell Namjoon that it's ok to tell you, so please don't be mad at us or him anymore." She said, grabbing my hands. I squeezed them once, letting her know I was happy. "Thank you. I promise I won't be mad. How bad could it be?" I said, smiling a little. My mom looked away and let go of my hands. "It's not that bad is it?" I asked, trying to look her in the eyes. "Please just don't be mad. We did this for your safety. Everything we did was out of love." She said. I nodded hesitantly and looked at my parents one more time. I smiled slightly and walked out to the car that Namjoon was waiting for me in. Happy that I finally was going to know the truth.