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Hatched four eggs yesterday. Was pissed since the first two were Pidgey and Zubat but then I got these guys!
Jealous of your dratini too!
That aerodactyl!! I got a 521 psyduck yesterday. I was excited because water Pokemon aren't common around me lol
@LCordz That's odd. I live near a lake and not many water types pop up but they did at the park. They need to fix the spawn rate
@iixel I tried that. And some people even set up lures. But all the kept popping up were paras, mankey, Growlithe, pidgeys and a couple eevees. The only water Pokemon that popped up was a staryu. I got it but it had super low cp
@LCordz Aerodactyl was only 539 when he hatched. I leveled him up a bit, hence why I have no stardust lol If you try a popular park that has a pond in your area you might find more water type