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hi you guys!!!! its been so long since i danced. and im proud that im here in korea taking kpop dance class :) we finally finish our dance. teacher chose 3 random ppl to dance. i hope u guys enjoy it!!!! im so fat and short compare to others :(((( so i made the dance look a bit weird lol and i was shaky from dancing earlier so i didnt perform the best :( but i hope u guys enjoy!!!! any feedback is welcome!!!! :))) video belongs to def acdamey!!!!!
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You're so welcome
a year ago·Reply
This is so cool, I wish I could dance XD
a year ago·Reply
@HayleyYates thank u so much!!!! lol ill teach u through tutorial lol 😁
a year ago·Reply
You're actually pretty good! Your movements were punctual and defined. I'm not a dancer but I can see you did your best!!! Good job!!!!!!
a year ago·Reply
@KatiePrihodiko aw thank u so much!!!! i will work even harder since u said that 😊🤗
a year ago·Reply