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Chapter 4
The door opens, Sato drags the physician in by his collar. Takuya steps to the side, Sato looks at him with a sad smile. Takuya bows and leaves the room, shutting the door behind him. Leaning against the door he closes his eyes and lets out a deep breath he hadn’t noticed he had been holding since Sato came back with the physician.
Takuya opens his eyes and turns to walk out of the castle and back to his men, when he heard one of them shouting for him.
“TAKUYA!” Kamenashi shouted. “Come out, we have trouble.” Kamenashi said. Takuya doesn’t hesitate and runs out with Kamenashi. When they reach the outside Takuya sees his men and other samurai’s fighting each other. Takuya’s eyes grow wide when he sees what’s going on, but he recognizes the samurai’s they are Yamazaki’s men.
“Kamenashi, where’s my brother?” he asks as he surveys the area looking for his brother. Both Kamenashi and Takuya draw their swords and start going after the enemy samurai’s. Yamazaki watches Takuya with a smile on his face.
“I’m going to destroy everything you and Sato ever cared about.” Yamazaki said under his breath. Yamazaki moves forward on his horse moving closer to the fight. Takuya is stabbing left and right any man that comes in his way.
“MIRUA! MIRUA!” Takuya shouts looking for his brother in the chaos, when he finally spots his brother it wasn’t a second later he watches as his brother is hit by an arrow in the chest. Takuya’s eyes grow wide and he runs towards his brother.
The enemy has dwindled down considerably as Takuya runs towards his brother.
“MIRUA!” Takuya calls out again, Mirua looks over at his brother and smiles at him before falling to his knees. Takuya reaches his brother and places his head on his lap, he places his hand on the arrow to see how deep it is.
“Takuya, I’m sorry. I’m sorry brother for hurting her, I didn’t mean to.” Takuya had a confused look on his face.
“Shh you’re going to be okay, don’t talk.” Takuya said as he examined closer, he saw the arrow had pierced his brother’s heart.
“Takuya, I’m cold.” Mirua said with shallow breaths.
“You’re going to be fine.” Takuya tried to reassure his brother, Mirua let out a little laugh.
“Takuya, don’t trust Sato so easily. The poison cure for Y/N – “Mirua’s head tilts to the side and he stopped breathing, Takuya’s eyes fill with tears.
“MIRUA! MIRUA!” Takuya cries as he holds his brother in his arms, he checks his pulse but he can’t feel anything. Takuya screams in anger, taken by his rage he lets down Mirua’s head and gets up, he fights, killing anyone who crosses his path. His men watch as they fight alongside him. By the end of the fight all the enemy is dead. What Takuya didn’t notice was Yamazaki slowly coming up behind them.
Takuya limps back to his brother and falls to his knees, he’s too focused on his brother to realize that Yamazaki pulled out an arrow and was aiming it at his back. Takuya feels the pain as the arrow shoots into his shoulder. He looks at his shoulder, then turns around to see Yamazaki with a smile on his face. Takuya was about to get up and attack Yamazaki but his vision became blurry and he couldn’t focus. Takuya shakes his head, and falls to the ground.
Yamazaki turns around and leaves, part one of his plan was completed now he just had to finish off Sato.
Kamiki’s POV
It was a massacre; we were unprepared for this, Yamashita and Kamenashi were picking up our fallen, I was picking up weapons when I happened to look up and saw Takuya being shot by an arrow.
“TAKUYA!” I ran as fast I could as I ran over to him I saw him fall beside his brother. I watched as Takuya arched his back and fell beside his brother. I look around to see if the bastard was around all I saw was Yamazaki leaving on his horse. “Damn it, right when I need an arrow I don’t have one.” I screamed in my head.
“Takuya.” I get to him and quickly pull out the arrow.
“You idiot the arrow’s poisoned why did you touch it.” Takuya manages to say to me. I threw my gloves on away.
“Takuya, TAKUYA!” I shout, he looks at me with a smile, reaching under his armor he pulls out a picture.
“This is the last thing I want to see before I die. If she wakes up after I’m gone, tell her I’ll love her forever in heaven.” Takuya said as he placed the picture of Y/N in my hand. Tears running down my face, I shake my head.
“No sir, you can’t die, you can’t. You have to protect Y/N.” I remind him using Y/N as a reason for him to fight. Takuya smiles at me and then closes his eyes I feel his body go limp.
“KAMENASHI, YAMASHITA!” I scream for our brothers, they look up from what they’re doing and see I’m holding Takuya in my arms, they quickly run over to us.
“We have to get him to the physician.” I tell them, Yamashita carries him on his back and Kamenashi grabs Mirua, we rush into the castle and find a room where we can lay them down.
“Go get the physician.” Yamashita said, I quickly run to Y/N’s room. I don’t bother with knocking and barge right in. I see the physician is standing against the wall and Sato with his blade drawn.
“What is it Kamiki?” Sato demands.
“I need the physician, Takuya and Mirua have been hurt.” I explain, I see Sato’s eyes grow wide and he drops the sword.
“What did you just say?” Sato asks again.
“They’ve been injured sir, please we need the physician now.” The physician quickly moves out of Sato’s sight and runs out of the rom. I follow him.
“Hey this way.” I yell at the physician; he was trying to make a run for it. I draw my sword. “Follow me, or I’ll kill you.” I said in a stern voice. The physician nods his head and moves towards the front of me, I tell him where to go and what room Takuya is in.
“I found the physician, let him look at Takuya and Mirua.” I said. Yamashita, and Kamenashi move away from their lord and friend. The physician looks over Mirua.
“I’m sorry to say this but this one is gone.” The physician said, as he moved over to Takuya. Takuya’s men are lost for words.
“What did you just say?” Kamiki asked.
“He was shot with a poisoned arrow in the heart, he wouldn’t have made it because of the poison.” The physician explains.
“What about Takuya?” Sato said as he walking into the room.
“He’s in the same state as Y/N, they’ve poisoned by the same poison.” The physician explained.
“Do you have the cure?” Kamiki asks. The physician shakes his head.
“I have to retrieve it, I can get it within a week, but I can’t guarantee that will help. I can give them something that will slow down the body’s absorption of the poison but – “the physician stops as he glances at Sato.
“Takuya is a true fighter. I’m sure Y/N is the same, they’re both young as well.” Yamashita said, while the others agreed. Sato looked at Takuya with an annoyed look on his face.
“You’re a son of a bitch, how could you get poisoned like that!” Sato yelled at Takuya in his head.