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I know I haven't posted the latest MV reviews, BUT this is what I am planning on doing. Tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday, I will post each review I haven't posted so far! Tomorrow will be bundle # 6, Friday will be bundle # 7, and Saturday will be the big # 8!!!!! If I post something on Sunday it might just be something random. Sorry I haven't been very active! But I have one more week of Summer Camp! My hours are always switched so that's why I don't post as often. I'm working until 6:00 tonight so I may not post anything. Tomorrow and Friday I will be off by noon so I will definitely work on the bundles since I have a lot of time to do so! I have so many videos lined up that I hope you guys can't wait to see! That's all for now! I'll probably be on later tonight, we'll see. Have a good day loves!