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Pairing(s): None yet/ pairings to come soon Rated: R for abuse. So before I start the story which will follow the group of playful delinquents that are B A N G T A N, it's important to show how all of them got together. I'll upload the beginnings of each member and how they are connected to each other before their adventures as a team. --------- The doorbell's constant ringing is what woke Yoongi up that night at nearly 4 am. Normally he would sleep right through such a small noise but whoever was on the other side of the small apartment's door was simply not letting up, holding the button in to make a constant dinging nose he couldn't ignore. He didn't bother dressing, storming through his living room to the door in only his boxers, and ripping the door open, ready to strangle whoever was on the other side. "What the FUCK could you possibly want this late you fucking fuck?" Yoongi was already grumbling before he even looked at the boy but when he did, he was slightly taken aback. In front of him stood a teenage boy, still dressed in his school uniform a bit messily, his face was red and hair damp as if he'd been running. "Min Yoongi..?" The boy's deep voice made Yoongi do a double take. Something about his was so familiar but at the same time he doesn't think he's ever seen the boy before. "Who's asking?" He raised a brow, eyeing the boy up and down. He didn't look like the type that normally came around Yoongi's place, it wasn't that nice of a neighborhood especially at 4am. "Yoongi-hyung," the boy sounded exasperated, and almost a little offended the man didn't recognize him. "It's me, Taehyung!" Recognition passed on Yoongi's face as he took in the sight that was Kim Taehyung. He hadn't seen the boy in years, not since the last time he went to his little cousin's birthday party nearly 5 years ago. Taehyung was his little cousin Jungkook's best friend and they were nearly inseparable growing up. But he had really grown up, he wasn't 10 year old TaeTae anymore. Yoongi sighed softly, too tired to think, running a hand through his hair, "What are you doing here Tae? Jungkook isn't here." A small cough sounded behind Taehyung who stepped to the side, revealing the slightly smaller teen behind him. Even with him being entirely covered by his jacket, hat, face mask and sunglasses on in the dark, Yoongi could tell it was Jungkook. "Kook? What the fuck are you two doing?" He was a little annoyed now, his little cousin and a friend waking him in the middle of the night without an explanation as to why they were there just hours before the should be in school. "I.. I'm sorry hyung, I didn't know where else to go." Jungkook was nervous as he played with the strap on his backpack, Taehyung silently chewing on his lip beside him. When Yoongi cocked his head to the side, Jungkook spoke up again. "I ran away from home.. I didn't- I didn't know where to go but I was hoping you'd let me stay here for a little while.." Yoongi's eyes widened and he immediately thought of when he was 17, the night he stormed out of his parent's house and vowed to never return. It was the worst decision of his life in his opinion, because in the months following he'd been homeless, and at first it was fun. He slept in subways or on the beach, he snuck into clubs and crashed on friend's couches and had never ending fun. But soon reality caught up to him and Yoongi was forced to act like the adult he claimed to be. Broke and alone, finding a job and a place to live was a complete struggle until the old lady at the gas station starting going blind and was no longer able to count money or see the customers. She couldn't judge Yoongi on his pink hair or the way his eyes naturally shifted into a glare at anyone or how his big plan was to make himself famous as a rapper. She'd only judged him on the warmth of his voice when he spoke to her and nearly begged her for a job. That was the only act of kindness Yoongi had received since walking out of his childhood home and he did not want Jungkook going down the same path. "Jungkook, go home." His eyes shifted to Taehyung as the red haired boy let out a small gasp, "No! Hyung he can't go back! Please please just let him stay!" Jungkook bowed his head, tears welling up in his eyes. He'd told Taehyung before they came that Yoongi wouldn't let him stay. He'd felt helpless and was wallowing in self pity when Tae grabbed his hand, dragging the younger towards his cousin's apartment. 'He's gotta! He's the only one that will understand.' This is what Tae repeated again and again to the brunet boy on the way. "Taehyung, Jungkook, listen. I know it seems like you're old enough to be on your own but you're not. You're still a kid and your parents love you and will take care of you until you're old enough to go on your own. Don't make the mistakes I did, it's not-" Yoongi was cut off by Taehyung's outburst, "They hit him!" Yoongi faltered for a moment, looking at the red head in disbelief, "What?" "Kook's parents, they hit him. All the time." A small sob rocked through the brunette in question as his friend spoke. "They.. Why would they.. Kook, you know it's normal to get a spanking when you misbehave, rig-" Yoongi choked back a soft gasp when Tae reached out, yanking Jungkook's jacket down to show the dark purple and yellow bruising littering his arms, the colors showing some more recent than others. Jungkook said nothing, only letting out a small whimper before Yoongi stepped aside, opening the door wider with a stunned look on his face. "Inside. Now." He ordered, picking up the teen's extra bag from the hallway floor and bringing it inside behind them. After locking the door, he set the bag down and looked to find Taehyung sitting on the couch while Jungkook sat on the floor, hugging his knees to his chest, crying softly. Without his glasses and mask on, the pink haired man could see the bruises on his face, the cut along his cheek and the busted lip that was so fresh it was still bleeding. The sight nearly broke Yoongi, it made him angry and sick and furious all at once as he knelt in front of his baby cousin, small fingers brushing the boy's hair back. "Kookie.. What happened? Since when do they.. Hurt you?" Yoongi was struggling to wrap his head around the fact that his aunt and uncle could beat innocent Jungkook who was never anything but sweet. "They hate me, they hate me and it's all my fault!" The boy sobbed, breaking down further as his cousin affectionately played with his hair like when they were young. "How could they possibly hate you? Their only son? The pride and joy of the Jeon family?" Yoongi chewed his lip, unable to understand what could possibly cause this. "Hyung.." Taehyung spoke up again as he returned from the kitchen with a small glass of water for his friend. "Do you remember when Kookie and I were about.. 7? And you were 13 and it was your birthday party? And we wanted to play with you but your friends were there so you didn't let us but then-" Yoongi was too deep in thought to listen to Taehyung's rambling as he thought hard about that day. It was his thirteenth birthday, one of the most important birthdays as he was finally a teenager, and he's invited all of his friends and his mother invited all of his family. Yoongi was practically swimming in gifts that day, and he was having a blast. But 13 year olds play /teenage/ games, ones that 7 year olds can't play, so when his favorite little cousin Jungkook came over, big bunny teeth and all, hand in hand with the talkative Taehyung, Yoongi and his friends quickly sent them away. The boy's tried again however, when it got late and all of Yoongi's big kid friends were gone. They'd just asked Mrs. Min if they could spend the night and she'd told them that if Yoongi didn't mind sharing his bed tonight then of course they could. With bright grins and overwhelming excitement they raced to Yoongi's room and burst inside, ignoring his new sign that had only appeared after he turned 13 that said to 'knock or die'. Their excitement turned into shock as they saw their favorite cousin Yoongi sitting on his Chinese friend Jackson's lap, awkwardly kissing and Tae squeaked when he swear he saw the foreigner's tongue come out and touch Yoongi's. The noise alerted the two young teens that jumped up, scrambling to untangle themselves from each other and Yoongi rushed to shut the bedroom door before his parents came upstairs. Jackson just looked away, staring at the floor with red cheeks as Yoongi glared at the two boys, grabbing each of them by the shirts and with quite a bit of effort he lifted them an inch or two from the carpeted floor. "Listen up you two, no one says a word about this, got it?" Taehyung nodded his head quickly, slightly afraid of the angry teen but Jungkook just stared past him, watching Jackson shyly start putting his shoes on. "Hyung, is this what big kids play at birthday parties?" He asked innocently, looking up at his older cousin who cracked slightly when the child looked at him with not fear of disgust but just pure wonder and curiosity. "I.. Jungkook do you remember when you wanted to play my Xbox but your mom said no because the game had bad words?" Jungkook nodded his head quickly, "You let me and Tae stay the night and play!" "Yeah well, that was a big kid game so it had to be a secret. The game Jackson and I play.. This is a secret for big kids. Can you keep it or are you still a baby?" Yoongi raised a brow and Jungkook and Taehyung raised their pinky fingers. With a small laugh, he set them back onto the floor and linked his pinkies with theirs. His secret was safe with them. Over the next three years, Jungkook and Taehyung had run in on Yoongi playing big kid games with boys and girls a few times and each time they kept silent, just sharing a knowing look with Yoongi before leaving the room though sometimes they'd stand outside the door and listen, curiosity burning inside them but they'd never tell the older boy that. When Yoongi lifted his head after the memory he stared hard at Jungkook, lifting the boy's cheek gently. "Do you like boys, Kookie?" Jungkook only whimpered, wrapping his arms around his cousin's shoulders and crying loudly as he crashed into him, the pink haired man stumbling back slightly from the sudden weight on him. It was answer enough for Yoongi who wrapped his arms around the younger male, holding him close as he whispered softly into his hair, mumbling about how it would be okay, he wouldn't force him to go back home. Yoongi figured he owed the boy this much at least, if they'd snitched on him when they found him and Jackson that night his parents would have done the same to him, misguided attempts to beat the gay out of him, a trauma he'd never had to face thanks to the two boys keeping silent for his sake and even lying for him on occasions he'd almost been caught. The thought of Jungkook, small 15 year old Jungkook so vulnerable and weak as his parents tried to use force to make him into something he's not made Yoongi nauseous and he could feel the bile rising in his throat as the boy cried in his arms. Taehyung almost smiled as he watched them cling to each other on the floor like real brothers but the gravity of the situation made that too difficult. He quietly picked up his bag, slinging it over his shoulders, "Hey Hyung, I'm gonna head home before my parents wake up, okay? I'll bring Kook's homework 'round after school." Yoongi looked up and him, muttering a small thank you. "Be careful, Tae." The red head flashed a small smile before slipping out of the apartment into the night. Yoongi waited until Jungkook was limp in his arms after having cried himself into an exhausted and much need sleep, then gently carried him to his bed, removing the school uniform to dress the boy in pajamas but he stopped halfway through, running towards the bathroom as the contents of his stomach forced its way up until it was empty and he was left sobbing and dry heaving on the bathroom floor. The sight of his baby cousin on the bed, all of his injuries now uncovered he looked as if he'd been someone's punching bag for weeks. The innocent baby Yoongi remembered was gone and instead he had a young boy who was forced into the adult world full of suffering much too soon and it simply shattered Yoongi's heart.
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