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I'm sure most of you had thoughts of feeling on wanted, feeling you were not pretty enough, or you just felt really lonely. We all have been through that phase and sometimes this phase can last a long time. I have been in this phase and I'm still somewhat in this phase but I have gotten better. My Donseung @MrsBangYongguk is going through a tough time in her life right now to where I can't physically be there for her she lives in another state far from where I live. I do my best to cheer her up I do my best to be there for her. However I wish I was there physically to help her through this time.
what has got me through this hard time which was K pop but the start of it was a favorite anime that really helped me pull through and there was a saying that was part of this anime that really helped me.
this is written on my mirror so we're in I wake up every morning I see you this. So @MrsBangYongguk I hope that this quote really helps you I really do hope it does. As much as I want to be there for you and as much as I try I really hope that this saying helps you. it has helped and still does.