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I found these on tumblr and it's just so cute! I had to share them with you guys!

Dating Jackson

Dating Jackson would include receiving selfies when you miss him the most, being well fed, wearing his clothing, cuddle sessions that last all day, health kicks, feeling adored and needed, and deep conversations late at night.

Dating Jinyoung

Dating Jinyoung would include aesthetically pleasing dates, constant encouragement, soft voices, occasional spontaneous dates, gentlemanly gestures no matter what, and hand holding everywhere you go.

Dating Mark

Dating Mark would include silent snuggles, watching dramas together, frequent dinner dates, and him giving you playful, cute expressions from across the room.

Dating Youngjae

Dating him would include cheeks hurting from laughing so much, adventurous dates, surprises when you least expect them, serenades, cute and meaningful gifts along with notes of kindness and encouragement.

Dating Jaebum

Dating him would include encouraging texts, outbursts of cuteness, random gifts, a lull of security, home cooked meals, and secret skinship.
The other two remaining members are not uploaded yet. Once they are, I'll make a card with the two of them. (:

Credit; Hoe4Bangtan

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Can you add me to your tag list please
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these are so my babies I love this
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tag me please
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Tag me (:
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