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Your perspective Pairing: Namjoon x reader ? Warning: mature content
July 27th I just ran off stage from the last performance of 'Heartbreaker', the last single of the previous album (if that makes sense). The only other time I'd perform it is in world tours. My stage hand and close friend, Travis, handed me a towel to wipe my forehead with. "Great job out there Y/N!" He was the only one around the company who called me by my real name. It wasn't that I didn't like being called Mack or Mackenzie, I think it's a great name, I just prefer my real name. "Cheers Travis, where's Namjoon?" "I saw him leave, he said he was tired of waiting and needed some air." "He what?" I raised my voice "He said you did well though"
What was the point? Jin was the one to last the longest but Namjoon was proving to be a struggle. He was much worse. He wasn't as cheerful and enthusiastic, he was in the bedroom but not when it came to more other aspects like supporting me at shows. "You know what Travis?" "Oh dear god!" He murmured. He'd see me skip through these boys so he knew the type of situation that I was in. "He's not worth it. He doesn't try half the time so why should I?" "He is your boyfriend!" "Was. Travis. He was my boyfriend" I messaged him soon after saying that we needed "to talk". He knew full well what was in store.
"It's okay Mack, I understand" "Still friends though" "Why wouldn't we be?" "Exactly" "What if kook finds out?" "He will at some point, why should it matter?" He got eerily quiet. "Namjoon? Why should it matter?" "No reason I guess" Weirdest break up ever. The headlines were already streamed to my phone. 'Rap Mack is no more' I always hated that ship name, doesn't sound right does it? 'Mack is certainly not a heartbreaker any more' It's fine though, I can deal with it. The media doesn't bother me as much.
I was about to go straight from the stage performance to my dorm when the manager texted me. 'August comeback is coming up. Come to main office at 6' Great, that means the first all night discussion for the month ahead. What a joy. The new song would be called 'Legit'. It was more of a dance track than what I usually did, but I loved it. Of course, there'd be new choreography to go along with it but I couldn't wait. It was going to be a good but challenging promotion. I was on my way home, at 9, from the studio when my phone flashed.
~Text Message from Squishgi~ Yoongi? What was he doing texting me at this time? ~hey M, sorry to hear about the break up but hope the show still went okay. Just tell me if RM is a dick to you after it all okay? x~ First of all, he never texted me after a break up with Jin or Hoseok. Secondly, he never put kisses at the end of his texts. Finally, why does he suddenly care? ~text from Chim~ What is it with these boys all of a sudden? First Yoongi now Jimin... ~hey Macky, heard everything and thought I'd take you out to get your mind of things, I'm sure you're gonna be busy soon with a comeback and it'll be a good relaxing way to start.~ Message Jimin or Yoongi? Which one first?
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