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Hey guys! I decided to put my edits on Vingle because I like what I create but it takes up space on my phone so I would put them on here :) Not sure if I will be taking requests yet and stuff but here is a few of my edits, and if you want you can follow my collection :)
Some BTS
VIXX LR Beautiful Liar
making sure the wings are even and the same size is hard lol
SHINee pt.1
SHINee pt.2
these are really good!!
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@PrincessUnicorn Thank you :D
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woahh thee are good! if u ever male more, can you please tag me? 😉
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@Miss148 if you ever do take reactions I would love a Minho or Lay one pls >.<
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@JackieG1617 Yes I will :) and I plan on making more today and putting some up tomorrow @PrincessUnicorn Sure no problem :)
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