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He potrays the joker so well!! Like holly sh*** Gawd!! I feel like i shouldn't find any of this sexy but um yeah lol
I just f*** love this stage!! That's ma man!! lol
Can this be their new concept like PLEASSSSSSEEEEE!!!!!
Can someone also make a fanfic about this concept like i would pay to read it lol
Anyway I'm done!!
Have a ruined day by Ukwon!! lol
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same like hes become even more of my bias
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omfg he killed it. and a few dancers, but meh... details... lol. someone did something like this for mama 2013 or 2014 too didn't they? regardlesss... he did a freaking perfect job.
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well i might be just alil biased lol!! and i loved everyones performance!! but yes he killed me with his!! lol @MandyNoona
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Omg i literally just got ur comment lol but yea whose counting lol @MandyNoona
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@UKwonsKitty95 馃槃馃槇馃槑
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