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Who:Readerx Shin Hoseok (Wonho) What:Vampire AU, mature content, some gore Chapter 5 Special guest appearances made by: Jackson of Got7 Bangtan boys Story: The vampire world knows you as the Huntress and vampire hunters everywhere want you on their teams. You're not in the vampire hunting business for sport though you're here for revenge and only one thing can quench your thirst, Lim Changkyun's head on a platter.
Wonho's POV He was hoping she'd come out and see him if she saw him talking to another woman. He wondered if she could feel the pull of jealousy that came with being claimed. When humans are claimed by Vampires, they know who they belong to but in turn that Vampire also belongs to them. Vampires have been known to claim more than one human but Hoseok wasn't like that. He's only really fell in love about three times in his three hundred years of living, Y/N being the third time. That was really mostly due to the fact that she resembled Yoona. He went back through Yoona's history because they both seemed to act and look alike. Headstrong and not very open to showing how they felt despite it being all over their faces. They had similar facial expressions too, when he looked at her he'd forgotten she wasn't Yoona. He found out later on that afternoon, just an hour before he'd seen Y/N in the buffet restaurant, that her and Yoona were related. Two hundred years and still her family traits were prominent in her descendants. Yoona was born on Y/N's older brother half though, he wondered how much they looked alike for Yoona to turn out still looking like Y/N. He had seen things like that before though, old photographs of people today that looked exactly like people one hundred or two hundred years before them. Although Yoona's blood wasn't the same, she wasn't a half life she was just human. She was innocent and he resented Changkyun for killing her but there was nothing he could do about it not then and definitely not now. Despite losing Yoona, he found her again in Y/N; he was determined now more than ever to protect her from Changkyun. Still her attitude might get her into a bit of trouble. He was jealous to see her hanging out with so many men which is why he used that girl to lure her out to him. It was kind of amusing to see the look of irritation on her face. He couldn't resist getting close to her again to take in her scent. The more he smelled that the more he wanted her. When she creeped her hands up to his chest, he thought she was giving in. She may have been for a second but she pushed him away only making laugh. She asked him for blood and a charm for her 'friend' and despite his teasing he couldn't help but think he wouldn't deny her anything anyway. When Vampires love, they love hard. But she was right in her comment earlier, he didn't know her. He knew where she came from, he knew she was Yoona's ancestor, he knew she was a Hunter and a half life but he didn't know her. That was something he was determined to fix. He liked that she gave into his kiss so easily, her eyes had turned purple on their own she wanted him and that made him happy. It kind of amazed him the way she automatically held her hand up to the blond haired boy beside her to protect him. She should've known he wouldn't hurt her but it was probably just a reflex since he caught her off guard. That was a dangerous thing for her to be caught off guard like that especially as a Hunter. She was shocked when he left her with so much blood and the already made charm. It was easy to make the charm for her friend. He had a ring to protect him from the sun himself, since he didn't know who the friend was and their ring size an earring was the best way to go. Perhaps it wasn't the fact that he had made the charm so quickly that she was shocked about. Either way, he headed back to the bar to check on the progress of things. He saw Jooheon and Minhyuk talking in the door way of the back office and headed over after chatting up the bartender. Minhyuk was smiling as always but Jooheon's arms were crossed and he looked annoyed. "What's going on?" Hoseok asked. "Shownu is back already. It seems I.M will be arriving earlier than we thought." Jooheon said. That was a problem, they hadn't dealt with several issues including the one that he wanted Y/N to work on. I.M expected it all to be done by the time he returned. Even still, they could handle I.M's irritation over the fact that not everything was completed so what was Jooheon upset about? "The Huntress struck again, a few nights ago she went after Haneul. With her reputation, no way he's alive." Minhyuk hummed in amusement. Jooheon just looked at him annoyed. Haneul didn't know enough about I.M or the six of them but he was in control of a large portion of money that went back to I.M. He was in charge of money from more than just Jeju he also had control over the money being brought in from casinos in fourteen other locations. It would be a pain in the ass to collect what hadn't been checked on in a few days. He could've lost so much money by now. Vampires really didn't need money other than to pay for housing and such but it was something to do and a way to fit in with the changing world. Not to mention they were human first, working and earning money was really all they knew. Still the older they got the more they enjoyed the pleasures of putting fear into the hearts of humans or just enjoying the occasional one night stand. Hoseok actually liked having part ownership of the bar. It was something to do and he met some interesting people, again his mind flashed back to Yoona and then instantly he saw Y/N's face. Yoona had been gone for a year now and he still loved her and everytime he was with Y/N it was like he was with her again. It was like dancing with a ghost. "Where's Kihyun and Hyungwon?" he asked. "They're on their way back from Busan they should be here shortly." Hoseok nodded, he was about to add something when he caught her scent coming through the door. Both Minhyuk and Jooheon perked up noticing her scent too. This time she wasn't trying to mask it. Everyone else left her alone because they could smell Hoseok on her first. Jooheon was quickly by her side looking her up and down in a threatening manner but he also looked like he was ready to eat her up. He heard Jooheon say, "Now what's a delicious thing like you doing walking into a bar looking like that?" "Please, I've had my fair share of scary Vampires. Trust me, you don't even come close." she scoffed. Jooheon smirked just as Hoseok tried to bite back a smile. "Aw you have dimples that's cute." she said poking a finger into Jooheon's dimple. Jooheon's eyes flashed red, her scent getting into his system even more. He hadn't touched her yet because he could catch Hoseok's scent on her. He knew who she belonged to. "Same old Y/N, forever fearless." Minhyuk said skipping over to her. Minhyuk and her knew each other already? When she saw him she smiled, "Same old Minhyuk smiling even when something serious is going on." she replied. Minhyuk gave her a big hug, ruffling her hair and bringing her head into his chest. She chuckled but then pulled him away to fix her hair. She looked up to see Hoseok looking at her. She smirked at him slightly amused, probably by the amount of jealousy and annoyance burning in his eyes. Karma had come back to bite him in the ass from what he did to her. That was fine, as long as she wasn't kissing them he could live with it. She walked over to him and placed her hands on his chest. He looked down at her, placing his hand on one side of her head. She chuckled, he was still looking at her seriously. "I'm not known for showing gratitude very often but I suppose you deserve one after what you did. So thank you." she said genuinely. She pulled her hands back down to her side and stepped away turning to his friends. "So are these the boys you wanted me to meet? Minhyuk and me are good but the other I don't know if we'll get along very well. His eyes are still red, that might be because of my blood though." she said. Her manner was obviously annoying Jooheon, had this been any other time he'd throw punches back at her playfully but he was annoyed by the situation on hand. He placed his hand on the small of Y/N's back and walked her into the back office. The guys followed and closed the door behind them. The office was sound proof even for Vampires so they were free to talk without the worry of someone listening in. "That guy is Jooheon and I need you two to play nice for a moment." Hoseok said pointing to an annoyed Jooheon. She just shrugged and said, "Sure whatever." "What are you doing claiming another Hunter? I.M is going to kill you." Jooheon snapped. "Yoona was never a Hunter, besides Y/N can help with our dilemma." Hoseok said annoyed. Jooheon laughed, "You think she can actually take on Yugyeom?" "Oh I wouldn't doubt her Joo joo. She nearly killed me once and I'm older than her too it's a little depressing." he chuckled. Y/N smiled, "So what's with this guy anyway, you said we'd go into details when I got here." she said impatiently. "Yeah but the others haven't arrived besides, apparently I.M will be returning home sooner than I expected so we do have to execute all of this quickly but precisely." he explained. "Relax killing Vampires is easy." she said. "You're not supposed to kill him." Jooheon interjected. She sighed, "That's a bummer, than what the hell am I supposed to do invite him to brunch? Maybe we can have a cup of tea together." Minhyuk laughed at her sarcasm just as Hoseok called out her name. "Look you can't kill him because that decision goes to I.M especially since we need to find out where the money he stole from us has gone." "The best I can offer is bringing him here severely injured to the point that he's close to death it'll be your responsibility to keep him alive. I guess that means I'll need more silver. Wooden stakes would be nice too, I can stop him from moving." She was thinking out loud which made Minhyuk laugh. "Y/N is ruthless." he said. She chuckled at him and put her hands in her pockets looking around the office. Jooheon was just eyeing her upset, his eyes hadn't gone back to brown yet. Her scent really had a lasting effect on people. None of them were really used to half lives, despite Vampires having sex all over Timbuktu it was still rare to meet a half life. "Do you know how many men you'll need?" Hoseok asked her. "None." she said still kind of walking around looking at the office. "Stop playing Y/N." Hoseok said. "She isn't." Minhyuk interjected. "Look you're probably an excellent Hunter but you're not going in there alone."Hoseok said. "Well I'm sure as hell not going with any of you." she retorted. "Y/N." he said sternly. She turned around slowly to look at him. Her face was serious, "I hunt alone no exceptions. Your men will just slow me down anyway not to mention the more people I bring the more he'll notice. If you really don't want me killing him you'll leave me to do it on my own." she said. "What are you going to do about Hoseok's scent?" Minhyuk asked. "Lay with a wolf." she smirked. Minhyuk shook his head with a smile. She caught sight of the angry face he was giving her and she chuckled. "Calm down it's an inside joke. Garlic will mask your scent just enough. I can get in without bringing too much attention to myself." "How do you expect to get his attention?" Jooheon asked. "The same way I can get yours or any other vampires attention." She released a fang and bit into her own lip allowing blood to run down her mouth. Jooheon was immediately in her face at the smell of it. He was letting out low growls trying to force himself to behave. He knew she was Hoseok's but her blood was making him act strange. She looked him dead in the eye, a slight smile plastered across her face. She wiped the blood from her lips, the cut already healing and she held it up to Jooheon. She pressed her thumb against his lips urging him to take a taste. He did so obediently but as she slowly pulled her thumb away he tried to keep it close. Hoseok moved quickly grabbing her and pulling her away from him. "Enough." He said annoyed. "I was only proving a point, half life blood can make a Vampire do anything. Just the smell of it has a different reaction for each Vampire but even the tinniest taste of it can do wonders. Sorry for making you feel uncomfortable Minhyuk." She said. He had his eyes on Jooheon who was now panting from trying not to attack her, just a simple taste had done that to him. Hoseok was in pure lust when he tasted her. She was a smart girl, she knew how to work her magic and she had done it well. His eyes flitted to Minhyuk and saw for the first time he was visibly uncomfortable. The smell of her exposed blood had made him stop smiling and he was chewing on his own lip. His hands were tightly gripping the desk he was seated on and his knuckles had turned white. He only nodded to her until he could regain his composure. She yanked her hand out of his and placed them back in her pocket. "She's a dangerous girl Wonho. I can contain myself enough out of respect for your claim but I.M won't be the same. He'll drink her dry in front of you." Jooheon said through gritted teeth. "I promise you he won't. In fact I think he'll be speechless once he lays eyes on me." she laughed. Hoseok looked back at her annoyed, she only smiled bigger. She slapped her hand against his arm and said, "Anyway, back to the matter on hand. You want this Yugyeom kid delivered alive so you can find out where the money he stole from you is hidden, fine with me but if you want this done quickly and done well, I can't keep waiting for your buddies to show up. So tell me what I need to know." Hoseok looked at her and she finally went back to her serious demeanor. She had the look of a true Hunter; he could tell she was ready to kill something or someone. He could hear her blood rushing, adrenaline moving through her system. He moved over to the main desk and grabbed a file folder and handed it to her. Inside was a picture of Yugyeom, his birth certificate, his death certificate, when he was turned. His work in the past and who he'd come in contact with in the past six months. Every single detail, down to his favorite color, was in that folder. She looked through the file her eyes scanning quickly and then closing it. She smiled and said, "Alright, I think I've got what I need. I'll be back a few hours. Wish me luck." She turned to head out then turned back to Hoseok. She wrapped one arm around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. She pulled away looking him in the eyes almost wondering why she kissed him. She then turned and walked out of the room. "She's dangerous." Jooheon warned one last time after she closed the door. She was dangerous but he liked that about her. It seems she was starting to like something about him too....
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