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So I woke up with this horrible Sore eye I was seeing blurry I searched for my phone and it was on the Floor half asleep half awake I turn on my phone and start scrolling to all the notifications I had like dang! a lot of emails a lot of Facebook notifications messages and a lot of stuff Staff talking at two in the morning not sleeping at all worried about icon cards and more so I see this little notification that they mentioned us on their web page I was like "pinch me cause I'm dreaming " I'm going back to bed and I fell asleep then I woke up again thinking it was just a dream and there it was I screamed of joy ugh! I'm so happy right now even though my eye hurts so bad!
I almost died... when I got this notification Monday! while live streaming and to know that they were listening as well it's like crazy! and nerves to the 100th percent yo.. make sure to add them! here is the card that one of the writers wrote ×Shey~ Interview with Sam&Sp3ck