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Here are some quick fun facts about the members of Red Velvet!


-She collects notes, diaries, and purple things. -She likes to create mind maps to create an illustration of her thoughts and things she has learned. It’s her way of coping with stress. -She is a very flexible person. -She is insecure, so she needs a lot of reassurance and compliments. -She is the shortest of the Red Velvet members. -People mistake her for the youngest member. -She seems shy and serious on-stage, but the members say she is very playful and child-like off-stage. -She also likes visiting folk museums. -She’s very kept to herself. She doesn’t like sharing her problems.


-She trained with f(x) and EXO. -She is fluent in Japanese. -She says that family is her source of strength. They always cheered her up, believed in her, and supported her. -They call her the “2nd Taeyeon” because of her vocal ability. -She was featured in ABC’s documentary, “K-Pop Boot Camp”. -She collects stickers, pens, and notes. -She likes to relieve stress by writing in a diary and eating delicious food with friends


-She auditioned for Cube Entertainment before joining SM Entertainment. -She used to post videos up on YouTube, but had to delete her account after joining SM. -She knew she wanted to become a singer when she was 5. -She had to really convince her parents to let her audition to become a k-pop star. -She sang a cover of Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now” in one of her SM Rookies’ videos. -She has an extremely positive and bright attitude, taking caring of those around her. -Everyone says that she is one of the kindest people they know. -She wants to learn how to compose and write music.


-Super Junior’s Eunhyun helped her learn how to dance. -Her nickname Doongdoongie was created because she used to be a little chubby as a trainee. -When she was in grade school, she performed a cover of Cherry Filter’s Flying Duck. It was what made her want to become a singer. She loved the feeling of being on a stage -She can sing “Trot” very well. -She wasn’t part of the SM Rookie’s pre-debut team. -She likes to collect lip balm. -She’s said to resemble actress “Kim Yoo Jung”.


-She was added into Red Velvet on March 10th, 2015 for their 1st comeback, “Ice Cream Cake”. -She never walked in high heels until she had to film for Red Velvet’s “Automatic” MV. -She is still in high school. She attends Hanlim Multi Art School. -She likes strawberry and chocolate ice cream. -She says her nickname is “Squirtile” because it resembles her character. Source

What did I miss? What are some other fun facts about the members of Red Velvet?

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Haha poor Yeri had to wear high heels in the MV!! For her first time!! That must of been diffucult :l