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What's Currently going on in the Naruto Community ?
Set up by@tayhar18920 is Taught me Tuesday {TMT} This is a weekly event in which you will be talking about what anime has taught you and just how the name depicts it will be each Tuesday ( It's going to be very fun so you won't want to miss out !) To see original Card click here Start making those cards !
Next set up by @OtakuDemon10 we have Naruto Battles and Kage Battle Royale (2 in 1) This will be a little longer but also so much fun. Throughout the Quarter Kages will be facing other Kages each time moving up until there is a final winner ! As for the Naruto Battles you can request a Battle ! Against Anyone ! Click here to request a battle and don't forget to follow the collection ! To see original Card click here Start Commenting !
Finally set up by me, @AngelMartinez1 we have Naruto Quizzes It is just a fun quiz with answers A, B, C, and D to see how much you know about Naruto. I try my best to make them tricky and I post everyday and sometimes I add an extra Question ! So far my trickiest question is the wood release with 0 correct answers !! If you would Like to join and have a little fun and even learn something click here to join the quiz !! Might want to hurry questions 1-15 are already up !
this is going to be fun. for TMT does it have to be Naruto or any anime series?
Since It was set up by tayhar I'm not sure But i'll be sure to ask her and I'll get back to you !! @SantaraJones
@SantaraJones any series!!
oh great