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What's Currently going on in the Naruto Community ?
Set up by@tayhar18920 is Taught me Tuesday {TMT} This is a weekly event in which you will be talking about what anime has taught you and just how the name depicts it will be each Tuesday ( It's going to be very fun so you won't want to miss out !) To see original Card click here Start making those cards !
Next set up by @OtakuDemon10 we have Naruto Battles and Kage Battle Royale (2 in 1) This will be a little longer but also so much fun. Throughout the Quarter Kages will be facing other Kages each time moving up until there is a final winner ! As for the Naruto Battles you can request a Battle ! Against Anyone ! Click here to request a battle and don't forget to follow the collection ! To see original Card click here Start Commenting !
Finally set up by me, @AngelMartinez1 we have Naruto Quizzes It is just a fun quiz with answers A, B, C, and D to see how much you know about Naruto. I try my best to make them tricky and I post everyday and sometimes I add an extra Question ! So far my trickiest question is the wood release with 0 correct answers !! If you would Like to join and have a little fun and even learn something click here to join the quiz !! Might want to hurry questions 1-15 are already up !
Since It was set up by tayhar I'm not sure But i'll be sure to ask her and I'll get back to you !! @SantaraJones
@SantaraJones any series!!
oh great
this is going to be fun. for TMT does it have to be Naruto or any anime series?