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The first thing I do when I wake up is I looked at my folder to see who i have and see my next patient
Name: Min Yoon Ki Age:23 Reason being:confidential About patient: °favorite number is 3 ° Blood Type is O ° Favorite Color is White ° Family is Dad, Mom and Older Brother ° really like to have a cooking battle °like basketball After reading it I shrugged what he did off and looked at his room Room:309 Floor:3
««««««««««««««««««««««« After reading all if it I felt a knot in my stomach and my head started to hurt I looked at his picture again to make sure what I was thinking could be true and it was my cousin live and well and I never knew wow  and you may be wondering what in the hell I'm talking about but that's for another day I put on a uniform and went to work
I get there and I'm created with some lustful and so hated looks by my coworkers highschool-ish of them but like I've said be for I don't give a sh!t and if I haven't......I (y/n) don't give a sh!t I go to clock out when I'm stopped by Mr.bang aka appa bang "good morning appa bang how are you" "I'm fine and you" "I'm fine" I say and smile "good also we have your class and five field trips scheduled for you" "wah Jinja thanks for accepting my request appa bang now I'm off to meet my next patient" "ok have a good day" "you too " and with that I was off to meet min yoonki(pronounced yoon-key) I hope he is still the same
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