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Welcome back!
I hope you're just as excited as I am to watch THIS petal uncoil beautifully! ;D
Let's get this dragon roaring, shall we? ;)
Here is the Season 2 premiere in case you're wanting to go back and read the previous three petals that are completed!
And from wayyy before, just in case you need to refresh what happened. :)
Now, let's do this! ;D
Please, enjoy!
Episode 2~
Your body ached, your head ached, even thinking caused something to throb in pain. Something warm and furry brushes by your face, making your nose twitch to life. You note a faint light penetrating your eyelids.
A soft purr rings in your ear.
<<Heaven has cats? I DIED SINGLE, OF COURSE IT HAS CATS!>>
“Silly kitty, let her rest.”
The purring disappears.
<<Angels are here! Wait- that voice....>> You pry your eyes open and catch a glimpse of a shadowed figure walk out of the room.
The window remained darkened by nightfall but the lighting in the room was gentle enough to allow your eyes to adjust comfortably. You prop yourself on your elbows and open your mouth to speak but realize your throat had dried during your journey into the dream world.
Something in the corner of your eye catches your attention. A cat walks into the room, you stare at it as it jumps on the bed and begins to purr on your lap.
“Seriously? What is up with you-” Ji-Yong appears by the doorway. “Oh, you're up....” He whispers.
You manage to smile but still struggle to speak. Ji-Yong bolts out of the room, “Hold on!” He yells from down the hall.
You sit up carefully and stroke the cat gently, making it purr louder.
Ji-Yong appears again with a glass of water, setting it on the nightstand, “You shouldn't be up, you hit your head so hard the doctor said you had a mild concussion. But it's okay now; you're under my care so just go back to sleep and relax-”
“Relax?!” You jump out of his bed, flinching almost immediately at the throbbing pain in your head.
Ji-Yong puts his hands on your shoulders to steady you. “Yes, relax.”
You look down to avoid his gaze and shake your head carefully, “I can't relax. There's people after me, someone wants t-to kidnap me, or worse, k-kill me!” You cry out, remembering the fearful night frame by frame as tears begin to line along the rims of your eyes.
“Hey,” he moves his hands to cup your face. “All that is taken care of. The crooks are going under investigation and you're here regaining your strength. Leave it.”
You lift your head, eyeing the bandage on his cheek, only to reach up and touch it gently; accidentally making him wince.
“See? I put you in a dangerous situation, Ji. I watched you get hurt and it could have been so much worse. You could have been severely injured, perhaps even killed and I'd be at fault-”
“Stop it.” He pulls away from you, leaving you to support yourself as he begins to pace back and forth. “Stop it, okay? My first priority was making sure you were safe, not whatever the hell happened to me. I just,” You watch him bite his lip then press his lips into a thin line before exhaling his frustration. “I just obviously failed at that one thing since you did get hurt, but at least you're safe now.
Guilt emerges from its hidden cave and swallows up the mixture of anger and fear you had cooped up as you sat back down on his bed and watch his feet pace on their own. “So what happened?” You ask in a small voice.
Ji-Yong sighs again, as if the memory was also a bother to him. “TOP hyung showed up right as you passed out, then Seung-Ri got there. Some stuff happened, business was taken care of, this and that.” He stops pacing and turns to approach you, noticing your despondent state, then lifts your head up with a hand on your chin to give you a warm smile. “Don't worry about it okay? You're safe with me.”
You look away from him and clear your throat, “S-so who were they?”
He pulls his hand back and shrugs, “Seung-Ri's friend has them in custody at the police department so we don't have any answers yet until they're processed. But one thing's for sure-”
You glance back at him and raise an eyebrow.
“-you're not going back to that place ever again. You're staying under my watch from now on.”
You shoot back up, stumbling a bit with figuring out how to regain proper balance, causing Ji-Yong to reach out and steady you with his hands on your waist.
“You can't even hold yourself up properly yet.” He grins.
You scrunch your eyebrows and glare at him. “This isn't funny, Ji. We're talking about people that clearly wanted to do something awful to me! I'll only cause you trouble! Who knows if there are more like them who will come after me-”
“Seriously? Stop. End of discussion.” He growls and sits you back on the bed. “Get some rest, I'll make you tea for later.”
Without another word, he walks out of the room, only for you to immediately feel the soft fur of his cat rub against your hand, causing you to lift your hand so the cat could crawl onto your lap and purr.
You wake up again to hear shuffling coming from down the hallway. Taking small steps at a time to keep the room from spinning in your head, you use the walls to steady yourself and reach the source of the shuffling at the end of the hall, slowly peering inside to catch Ji-Yong moving around boxes.
“What are you doing?” you ask, taking him completely by surprise.
“Don't sneak up on me like that, I'm a recovering patient too you know.” He complains.
He shakes his head, “Aishh, don't take it personally, I'm just teasing.” He moves another box into an open closet then closes the door. “Let me just call the furniture store tomorrow to bring in your bed and you'll be good to go in your new room.”
You step inside and look around, noticing the room as only big enough to fit a single bed and a small desk.
“Sorry, I used this space as a walk-in closet type of ordeal, but I moved all my stuff to make room for you.”
“I-I don't know w-what to say.”
He grins, “Then don't say anything, as long as you heal-”
“I can't stay here.”
His face falls. “Look, you can stay in my room until things-”
“I can't stay here with you, Ji-Yong.”
His eyes harden at the end of the sentence but his face turns away quickly, hiding all signs of honest emotion from you while he ran a hand through his dark locks. “Why the hell not?”
You wince, taken back by the seriousness of his tone. “Because I'll only bring you trouble-”
“This again? We're not giving this discussion another round when you obviously can't handle being on your own.”
You press your lips into a thin line, feeling the direct stab into your ego and glare at him. “What makes you say that? Just because I fell and bumped my head? Just because I have trouble getting things cleared out in my head right now? Just because-”
“Enough! You don't understand! You scared the living daylights out of me! I thought you were dead! I would have ripped the bastards apart with my bare hands if Seung-Hyun didn't show up in time! I would have-”
“Well who asked you!” You cry out, your face boiling. “Why are you even going out of your way for me now? You're just nice to me because we work together, it's not like you actually care!”
Ji-Yong finally looks up at you, his face displaying an unfamiliar mix of emotion. Strange enough to break your heart into pieces at the sight of him. “Ji-”
“Don't.” He tears his eyes away from you and stares at the ground.
“I-I didn't-”
“I said, don't.” He growls. You flinch automatically. “Go back to rest, I have things to do.”
He walks over to you and gently pushes you out of the room, closing the door on you and even locking it with a simple 'click' sound.
You lean against the door, ignoring the tears that begin flowing out of your eyes then turn around after failing to make a sound emit from your mouth and head back into his room to lay down.
You cover your face with your hands. <<I need to get my head straight. I've never said anything so harsh before, especially to him. He's only trying to help me, he was..... if it wasn't for him..... who knows. Who knows what would have happened to me. I shouldn't be pushing him away when I need someone the most right now.>> You grunt and fold your arms across your chest, turning away from the door and closing your eyes.
Pitch black covers your eyes. You cry out for help turning and turning and turning , trying to find a single glimpse of light.
A voice captures your attention. You whirl around and call for it to speak up, running towards the source.
Arms begin to appear down your path, pulling, yanking, touching, and reaching out for you in all sorts of directions. Trying to drive you away from the voice.
You continue running until Ji-Yong appears, holding his hand out to you. You reach for him, running as hard as you can to grab onto it, only to barely touch his fingertips before he slowly starts to fade away. You beg him to stop and wait for you, to save you, to help you, until he completely disappears with the same unfamiliar look on his face that caused your heart to break. Causing you to drop your guard long enough for the hands to finally grab you and drag you down into the darkness.
You gasp and sit up instantly, panting for air as your eyes become adjusted to the light in the bedroom, giving your racing heart time to take a break after its hellish journey.
Your hands pat your body, double checking that everything was real. <<It was just a dream. Nothing more, just a dream.>>
You glance back at the nightstand to the glass of water that still stood untouched and notice a small note beside it.
“Went out, be back later. Help yourself to anything.”
<<H-he left-t?>>
You crawl out of bed and pick up the glass, instantly feeling better all over after having something in your system. You head out of the room and into the living room once you see that the television was left on as background noise. You lean against the couch and let your body rest for a second after moving without much support.
You clear your throat, taking the sleeping cat by a big enough surprise that it jumped off the couch and kicked the remote, making the remote fall on a button that changed the channel to a news broadcast.
You lean down to pick it up and put it back on the couch, pausing when something bright flickers across the screen. You glance up to see images of wild flames appearing, fighting desperately to continue burning regardless of the water that was being sprayed on to put it out.
“As you can see, our firefighters still struggling to put out the intense flames, but they can only get so close to due to the incredible heat that the flames are releasing over the span of a couple of hours. Fortunately, no one has been reported to be inside but a thorough investigation to determine the cause of the flames has yet to be set.”
You stare at the images, feeling an eerie sensation in the core of your stomach until it hits you.
<<That's my apartment.>>
Horror fills your thoughts, bring back the memories of the arms that pulled you towards the darkness. You take another look at the television to double check that the apartment was indeed yourself, regretting it immediately when you're able to make out the torched details.
<<What do I do? What do I do? I can't just stay here. I can't put Ji-Yong in danger again. What if those two culprits break out? What if they're working for someone else? What if they find out I'm here with Ji-Yong?! Oh no. Oh no no no. I can't stay here. I won't. I need to think my next move out thoroughly..... but I need to get away first. I need to leave, and now.>>
You head back to Ji-Yong's room to grab your shoes and slip them on, leaving everything behind as you close the door to his apartment and make your way down the quiet street.
<<Where do I go now?>>
You hop on the first bus you come across and continue hopping on and off different buses until the light outside dimmed into hues of darker shades and you find yourself walking down a very familiar street.
Your street.
You look up and see the remainder of your apartment. Nothing but black walls, broken windows, and a missing door. <<What am I doing here?>> You take a seat on the curb across the street, staring up at the quickly aged building, peering into its darkness.
<<I should just quit and move back home. Why should I put others at risk because of me?>>
You continue gazing at the way the blackness blended so well with the night, almost making it completely disappear, failing to take note of the cars passing by.
<<As long as Ji-Yong and the rest of BigBang are safe. I'm just a weed anyways.>>
“They say that a murder always has a habit of returning to the scene of the crime. Why are you here?”
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Such a whirlwind of emotions right now!! Such a brilliant opener, as always! Can't wait for the next chapter!! do you come up with this!!!! love it... is your dream becoming a writer because everything up to now is 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
I'm not even prepared for this petal and I'm already upset she yelling at my jiyongie when all he wanna do is protect her!
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