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If you were to say "42-42-564" aloud in Japanese it would come out as "Shin-Shin-Koroshi", which when translated, means "death-death-murder". ➴ Anime • Soul Eater
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"42-42-564 when you want to knock on death's door".. I really liked hear that whenever I watched Soul eater
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42-42-564 = -564 *Mind Blown*
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yea, because the two 42 just cancel out and so you really just end up subtracting 564 from 0... I swear I'm not a nerd! 😅
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@SantaraJones I read a Vingle card that in Japan you can listen in to Shinigami's calls when you dial that number
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I always just smile and say death-death-kill when this part plays.
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