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This series is where I pick two fictional characters from anything, list off their feats and abilities then, decide on who I think would win based off of the facts. Death Battle has Mewtwo in it but, his opponent is Shadow and I wanna see him go against Frieza.
Combatant one: Frieza * Frieza saga Travels a great distance in a matter of seconds. Vegeta states that he is to fast. Casually rips Nail's hand off. Knocks Vegeta's attack away from him. Tanks one of Vegeta's blasts. Lives through the spirit bomb. Possesses telekinesis and kills Krillin using it. Slices through Planet Namek and destroys Planet Vegeta in base form. Death beam and destructo disk. Conquered a galaxy. Escaped death twice. * Revival of F Golden form rivals that of SSJGSS but, it takes to much out of his body and starts to weaken after five minutes.
Combatant two: Mewtwo A more powerful clone of Mew a pokemon believed to be the most powerful pokemon. A pure physic type weak to bug, ghost and dark attacks. It's physic power is unmatched by any other pokemon in Kanto and arguably every other region. Planned to create a storm that would wipe out all of humanity and pokemon except for itself. Mewtwo is seen as a threat to all of humanity. *Abilities Phystrike Aura Sphere Energy Ball/ Ice Beam/ Flamethrower/ Thunderbolt- very powerful elemental attacks that is considered a treat for a pokemon to learn but, Mewtwo can learn all. Protect/ Recover- Protect shields Mewtwo of all forms of damage and Recover restores half of his max hp. Calm Mind- Simultaneously increases Mewtwo's Special Attack and Special Defense by 50%. Can be stacked 6 times. Thunder Wave/Will-O-Wisp - Both status moves that do not deal direct damage, Thunder Wave slows the target down and might prevent it from moving, Will-O-Wisp halves the attack of the opponent and does residual damage. Capable of wiping memories. In the manga he can create a giant spoon and use it as a melee weapon which he cleaves a building in half with. In the anime Mewtwo can evolve without the stone to Mega Mewtwo Y and Mewtwo receives a huge Special damage and defense increase.
WINNER: Mewtwo There is no convincing me that Frieza would beat Mewtwo, Frieza destroys planets and even gets stronger in Gold form but, that lasts five minutes before it backfires while I believe base Mewtwo might even beat Gold form let alone Mewtwo Y. Of course fans are going to try and argue that Frieza can casually blow up planets and is far more powerful than Mewtwo also, don't forget that Mewtwo almost destroyed the planet himself and is a threat to humanity. Yes that might be true Frieza may be more powerful but, no matter how powerful you are there is not much you can do to a Psychic of that level. Frieza is arrogant rushing in for revenge against Goku and ultimately losing again while, Mewtwo is one of the most intelligent Pokemon there is and even has thought of it's own. There are numerous ways this fight can end, Frieza entering Gold form and Mewtwo using protect for a solid five minutes and beating him, Mewtwo wiping Frieza's mind of everything that is happening and ultimately losing, Mewtwo Recovering from everything Frieza does to him, Mewtwo Thunder waving and Will-O-Wisping Frieza slowing him down and weakening him, or Frieza entering Gold form and completely being outclassed by Mewtwo Y! No matter how you cut it Mewtwo has everything to counter Frieza! I apologize that it took so long for this episode to be released, there is no excuse and feel free to give your thoughts on episode 7, it will be completely up to the fans who fights next episode!
i'm going to disagree but yes you did make some very good points but i still have to disagree
Imagine if Mewtwo didn't retain any humanity though? There wouldn't even be a fight between these two. Mewtwo would just destroy Freeza's brain with a thought.
pretty sure mewtwo's tail comes from his butt not his head.