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D.O X OC Word Count: 1525 need to start from the beginning? chapter 1 or just need to jump back a chapter? chapter 9 안녕 여러분~ Hey y'all! My internet was testing me so I didn't get around to uploading chapter 10 till now, but I hope y'all are happy with this :) As a disclaimer, I am not educated with Cancer and treatments -- I am sorry. I don't know too much about it, so if I have been ignorant or offensive in any way in my writing, please inform me. But I do hope y'all enjoy~
The entire EXO dorm was at peace and they were having outstanding progress on their comeback. Suho didn't seem stressed out right now. They could all relax and take a breather. The manager gave approval of their last performance at Music Bank; he said it was the right mix he had been looking for. Chen got a new gig to sing an OST for an upcoming drama. Lay got to travel between China and Korea to do promotions in China and visit family. D.O was in auditions for a new drama.
Everyone seemed to be gleeful. And the fact that D.O and Lauren could talk again, made his life a lot brighter.
Since D.O was rather busy with his promotions and schedule, their phone calls were late at night, but Lauren never rejected a call.
"Hi!" D.O greeted. "Hi~" "So I have a follow up audition next week. I'm really excited! I may get to play alongside Park Shin Hye." He informed her happily; he could feel her mirrored excitement and smile. "I'll buy every episode and OST song. I'll even buy the promotional posters and hang them in my room." She lamely teased. "What's the drama about?" "It's a doctor and patient love story. The patient is admitted to the hospital, but the treatments aren't working. So he's there for a long time and he develops feelings for his doctor. He's about to die, but she ends up going to wits ends to save his life because she has an attachment on him. And it should be a melodrama I think. I don't know much, yet, but I think it will be successful." "Wow! That will really help your acting career set off more." She said through the phone. There was a tiny pause over the phone.
"How are you, Lauren? I wish I could see you." "I'm fine. The doctor wants to start treatments so my parents insisted we try tomorrow." "Kyungsoo. . . I'm scared." "Lauren, I'll be here only thinking of how it will go. Call me whenever you need. Suho will understand and can excuse me. What's the plan?" He tried to reassure her.
After a few sniffles she started talk: "Well we're going to start with chemotherapy. He says if chemotherapy doesn't work, we can try surgery -- a craniotomy, but I don't know if that's the route I want to take. It will take a while for the treatments to kick in, but I'll have to come back and forth between the hospital and my house. I feel bad for my parents since they have to drive me everywhere. My mother insists on taking off from work so she can be with me, but I told her to keep working. I think the hospital bills will be big so I want her to keep working so it's not as big of a burden." D.O stayed silent the entire time, trying to keep up. "Oh. D.O...the doctor is here. I should get going. . . I miss you."
"I miss you, too, Lauren. I'll be thinking about you all day. Text me later." He hung up and he waited for a message from her. Unfortunately he accidentally fell asleep since it was already late.
--- D.O could spot Lauren on the side of the stage as EXO was performing. He was so pumped to see her and that he could perform for her again. He is holding on for her to come to their tour, but they still have months to plan the details. Her face was paler, but her smile just as bright.
The boys were performing 3 songs for the night's fan meeting. The lights were heavy on the boys, but they were all used to the stage by now. D.O's nerves were anxious as the final song of their stage began. The chords began and D.O started singing his part of "Sing For You" while staring directly at Lauren on the side of the stage. He winked at her and continued singing around the stage.
Once they finished singing and signing autographs, D.O went backstage to talk with Lauren -- who he hasn't been able to see for about 2 weeks. He embraced her tightly and dragged her to a waiting room so they could talk.
"How are the treatments going?" He started. "As I've messaged you, they're fine. I'm just not very fond of it's not the best situation. We started radiation treatments. My hair is really frail right now and I have to be cautious when I brush it, but it's better than expected." She responded. D.O smiled longingly towards her and pet her head, caressing her cheeks and playing with her hair. Her hair was so silky and soft despite some damage. She closed her eyes and leaned into the touch.
"Kyungsoo I've missed you too much, but I didn't want you to see me like this." She said softly. They sat like that for a while, just trying to hold onto each other.
D.O unfortunately had to scurry off to leave with his friends: "You look beautiful -- I missed you, but I've got to get going with the boys." He waved off. Lauren sat there by herself. After being alone for a little she at looked in a backstage mirror. She couldn't place what D.O saw in her when she looked sick and tired.
"How's Lauren?" Chen asked D.O sincerely once they all piled in the van. "She's doing really great, truly. She seems a tad disheartened, though." "I know it's been rough on you, too. We're here for you, D.O." Chen said while patting him on the shoulder. --- Lauren enthusiastically called D.O up after another week of being in the hospital: "오빠, I just finished my visit to the hospital for the day. Do you want to meet up for lunch?" "We're on a strict diet right now and you know we're pretty busy during the day...I'm not really supposed to --"
"Let's meet up at that cafe near the studio. You can watch me eat."
D.O laughed, but hesitantly agreed, excusing himself onto a lunch break from some of the remaining boys in the practice rooms. Putting on a face cover, hat, and jacket, he scurried over to EXO's favorite cafe (since it wasn't very popular they could order easily without being caught typically). He cracked a smile when he saw Lauren sitting in a booth chomping on some sandwich she ordered. "Yah!" D.O scared her when he walked up stealthily, making her jump. "You just had to order something that looks irresistible..." "I was hungry." She pouted cutely.
"You usually have to head back home after hospital visits so your parents can drive to work; why aren't you in a rush today?" D.O asked. "The car issue isn't an issue anymore. . . I actually thought you would've heard about it." She sounded like she was questioning it. "Ha what do you mean?" "Kyungsoo, your company bought a car for us. Well sort of. It was one of the vans that they were going to donate...they just donated it to us instead." She gleamed. D.O perked up, regretting everything bad he thought about SM during his trainee days. "They're really looking after my family."
D.O couldn't contain his smile. "You seem awfully perky today. Any more news?" "Aww that's why I wanted to meet with you. I have news that my parents relayed to me." D.O couldn't stand the suspenseful pause she added. "I have what's called meningioma." She smiled, but D.O just looked confused.
"Kyungsoo...did you never pay attention in classes?" "No! I mean yes, I was a good student...I just took more liberal classes than scientific courses. Umm..what's meningitis?" He tried to laugh off. "Meningioma. It's a benign tumor. That's why I didn't need immediate treatment." "Benign..."D.O was confused and her explanation didn't help him. "Gah you're dumber than I expected. Good thing you sing well." She whispered to herself, but D.O could still hear. After they playfully glared at each other, she continued: "so...a meningioma has an approximate 92% rate to live past 5 years after diagnosis and starting treatments!" She practially yelled in excitement. Suddenly the two were standing and jumping up and down in excitement.
"That's the best news I've heard in quite a while." He told himself.
"So I'm only getting minimal treatments. And they're really just because I passed out a few weeks ago that put me in the hospital...if you remember." D.O coughed awkwardly and nodded his head "yeah you scared me seeing you like that." "Yeah...but I'm okay, now. Just some treatments unless the doctor suggests another route." She smiled.
The two sat in the coffee shop together chatting about his audition, the drama, and just news. They tried to avoid the hospital talks.
D.O was called back to the studio an hour after leaving. Lauren's dad drove to the front of the cafe in the old SM van to pick her up after finishing some shopping in the area. The two left each other with hopeful hearts of the EXO comeback. According to Lauren's doctor, she will make it.
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For your information, I did do some research in this. Brain Cancer survival rate: Thanks everyone for being understanding. Please do tell me if there is a problem in my fanfiction. <3
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@shelbyhusband I'm doing great. I had my one year cancerversary last month. Thank you for asking.
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