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So there is some serious conversation going on, omg and a little goofy cause come on its Sarah and Jenni lol. I went to a park yesturday and wrote half of this, me talking out loud about Kooki and my Joonie omg the stares I got from some people not to mention I wad singing along to G dragon. oh my ! yes I wanted to share what I did while I write lol. anyone else sing out loud and get those stares please tell me I'm not the only one. okay okay I'll get to story now lol let's pick up were @SarahVanDorn left off from her chapter 34. right after she runs!
Jenni watched as Sarah got on Dominic’s bike at the end of the street. She recognized who it was even as Sarah almost ran into him. Kookie had followed her and stopped watching her get on the bike and zoom away. “Seriously does nobody think we could handle going to a haunted house or something?” Jenni mumbled to herself. “I did not come thinking that” Namjoon said next to her making her turn to him. “I came cause I knew you would be here and it would be fun” he said. “Did Sarah just get on a stranger's bike and take off?” he questioned. “Nah that was Dominic. I recognized that bike, he must have seen her running and grabbed her. He’ll take her home” Jenni said crossing her arms as Kooki slowly walked back to them. J hope stood there confused looking from Kooki to Jenni for clarification. “You should take Kooki back to the dorms Hoseok” Namjoon said “Jenni. Why did Sarah run from me?” Kooki asked looking like a sad beaten up puppy. She wanted to cave and tell him, but no she had to let them have their own discussion over it, when sarah was feeling better enough to talk to him. With a glance to the side she spoke. “You just have to give her time Kooki. She’ll talk to you eventually. She just wasn’t ready tonight” Jenni said. “Come on buddy let’s go get some meat somewhere” J hope said throwing an arm over his shoulder and steering him away. J hope may have been confused but he knew the right thing to do at the moment. As they turned away Kooki just mumbled the word meat. “I can’t stay mad at that kid for long” Jenni sighed when he was out of earshot. “Why were you mad at him?” Namjoon questioned still standing next to her. “Because he hurt my best friend.” She told him. “Are you going to share with me what he did?” Namjoon questioned as she leaned against him. “You know he’s not going to figure it out on his own” he added making her chuckle. “I want to tell you, I do, but Sarah would be so mad at me” Jenni said. “I’ll tell you what if things don’t get solved or something happens I may be telling you to get help” she added. Her phone hiccupped and she pulled it out. “Dominic just got Sarah home” she said after reading the message. “You can lean on me anytime babe” he said. She looked up at him. With a smile she went on her tiptoes and pressed her lips to his. Something came over her that she just wanted to do it. When she pulled away she was pulled right back by Namjoon who deepened the kiss. It made her toes curl. “What are you doing this weekend?” he asked as she finally moved away from him. “Probably binge watching movies and eating take out with sarah” Jenni said. “Is there time you can spend with me?” he asked. “Just me and you?” she perked up. If so it would be the first time not having a double date or other people around them. “Yea” he said slyly. “Than yes! Just let me know when your available, maybe Sunday or Monday” Jenni said. They walked together talking about random things about each other up until they approached Jenni’s house. It was nice getting to know more about him. “Jenni” Sarah called out when she entered the house. “Yup, sorry it took me so long to get home” Jenni said taking her shoes off and coming into the house. Sarah was curled up on the couch holding her Tae pillow in her lap and watching reality shows. “Your coming home late? What did you do with Namjoon?” She asked as Jenni took a seat in the blue chair. “I talked to him as he walked me home. But Sarah you left me alone to deal with you running from Kooki” Jenni paused and shrugged. “Not that I blame you. I don’t” she added. “Thanks” Sarah said sarcastically. “Soo I’m done” she said confusing Jenni. “What?” “Well it seems Kooki has someone else so I need to move on. I’m not going to linger” Sarah said with fake pep in her voice. “What?” Jenni stared at her. “You heard me. I thought there was something there and he keeps sending me mixed signals I don’t know what’s happening” Sarah said. “He does have feelings for you. Still does. Sarah he chased after you until you got on a bike than came back looking so dejected even I had to feel bad for him” Jenni said. “Why don’t you ask him what he thinks of you before you decide on your own to move on” Jenni told her. “I don’t want him to verify he doesn’t like me in that way” Sarah said. Jenni stared at her friend. She did something. “Sarah, what did you do?” Jenni asked. “I’m going on a date with JB” Sarah said. The shock lasted all of thirty seconds for Jenni before she snapped. “What? When did you do that?” Jenni questioned. “Oh gosh your going to make me mad at you for doing that” She said. “Why? Isn’t it better that I move on? A date can help me move on” Sarah said. “Yea and resolving previous problems can also help you move on. Don’t you think that’s better to do right now?” Jenni questioned. “I don’t want to” Sarah whined. “When are you going on the date?” Jenni asked. “On monday” Sarah said. “Your not going to cancel are you?” Jenni asked. “WHy would I? I like Jb I could fall for him like I did Kooki” Sarah said. “No you can’t, and you shouldn’t. Oh sarah what am I going to do with you” Jenni groaned. “You think I did the wrong thing?” Sarah questioned. Jenni just stared. “I did the wrong thing?” She repeated it a different way. Jenni answered with silence. “Okay fine! Think what you want! I’m going to spend time with Jb and the members of Got7” Sarah said standing up. “You can have BTS” She started to go towards her room, “Except for Tae, you give me tae” she said making jenni scrunch her face up. “You single out Tae? No no you take them all back or none!” jenni stood up and said. “Wait no, you can’t’ have them all back. I’ll trade you Tae for Mark oh or maybe Jackson I think he could be best friend material” Jenni went off track. “I won’t give you Mark but Jackson I’ll trade you” Sarah said “I 'll give you those two if I can have sehun" "Then I want Kyung soo " jenni said branching into a new band. "No I get Kyung soo you can take Chan - no I want him too, how about baek- no again he's mine still you know what you can have G dragon" sarah said. Jenni just stared then smiled "I'll take him but I also get Kyung soo and kai" jenni laughed "No I get Kyung soo he's my baby and when I do have him over we will both ignore you" sarah said "Oh yea then I'm gonna bring Jimin with me and we won't play with our squeakers with you" jenni stuck our her tongue. Sarah laughed finally " well you know what I'll have Tae yang and get coffee without you " sarah stuck out her tongue. "Then I'll be home with G dragon and we'll have take out" jenni said "Oooh Joonie gonna be jealousss" sarah rang out "Fine then I'll also have TOP and Jackson oh and Jin and Suga -" "Your gonna be surrounded by guys and not Namjoon? " Sarah asked " I wasn't finished and Namjoon!" Jenni said "You little butt " sarah chuckled. they burst out laughing just as they fell onto the couches. When they were done Jenni looked at sarah. "You know I don't think I could handle G dragon I would freak if I saw him " jenni said, "You would fan girl jenni" she said "Nooooo, I mean I would freak out. As much as I would want to meet him he intimadates me, that why I would have to have Namjoon there so I can hide behind someone just as big as him" Jenni said and Sarah laughed. "Oh jenni " she laughed. "How did we get started on this? " Jenni questioned " cause you wanted to trade Tae for mark" sarah recalled after thinking for a moment "Oh yea. Oh that was fun" jenni said "So this weekend what are we doing?" Sarah asked. "Well I wanted to go to the aquarium you want to go?" Jenni questioned "Yea maybe a zoo too? Animal weekend?" She said "Yup yup sounds like a plan. Oh but I forgot we have to do 2 segments for when we are gone. " jenni reminded her around a yawn that suddenly came on. "Thats fine. Well get up at 6 and go in. Get to sleep in a couple hours " she said "should be done around 1 o'clock? " she added. "Prolly" jenni said "okay get some sleep " jenni said Her phone hiccup ed and she looked to see a good night message. "Oh hey Sarah I got a strange question " jenni said No you cannot fly. Unless you are in a plane and don't think about opening that door to go sky diving" she answered an unknown question. "Um okay I won't. But I'm afraid of heights so no no flying " jenni shook her head. "Okay then what is it?" Sarah asked "So I got this message the other day but I don't know the number" jenni said showing her the screen. Sarah looked at it, read the message and then the number. She pulled out her phone and looked it up but that flutter in her stomach told her exactly who it was from. "Kooki" sarah said. "Really?" Jenni let out a sigh. "Thats good isn't it?" She questioned. " yea " she said " goodnight jen" she said before going to her room. Over the weekend they spent it all doing animal related things and even did a segment on it and one on what to bring and not bring to an airport. Jenni had gotten messages from namjoon and they decided to meet Monday afternoon. She wanted to tell him what was going on, So by the time it came to ,meeting Namjoon Jenni completely deflated on the park bench next to him. He held a coffee cup out to her and she took it thankfully and rested her head on his shoulder. "Do you remember the first time we got together a couple weeks ago?" She asked "Yea it was this same time, same park same position and you fell asleep " he replayed that over. "I want to reset and go back then " jenni sighed. "What's on your mind?" He asked. "If I tell you then you can't tell kooki" Jenni told him. "Are you going to tell me what happened with Sarah? " he asked. "Kind of. I'm in over my head with what to do. After Friday night she made a date with JB we started a discussion over it and she thinks it's better to date someone else then to be miserable about another guy who didn't want to be with her" jenni explained "What?" He said. "I'll come back to her going on a date but what do you mean she thinks Kooki doesn't like her?" He asked. "Just that. She saw him with someone else and so she thinks that he doesn't want her. Anyway I tried telling her it's a bad idea to go on a date but we'll it's sarah" jenni shrugged "He's crazy about her. He acts different around her then he does around us" he said making her chuckle "Well that's good to hear but she is a girl - " one that he likes. She is the only one I have seen him with lately " Namjoon cut her off. "Well that's good maybe you could hint that she's going out, maybe move him into gear about getting her back. I want those 2 together, they are so hyper and happy together" jenni said "I'll talk to him. Thanks for telling me, even though you took your time" he added. "You had to add that didn't you "she sighed. They stayed silent for several moments enjoying the scenery and people while thru drank their coffee.
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