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I'm doing a little bit of Ari and a little bit of Trinity view to see what they have been up to.
(Edited part, plus added to it a little)

Arianna view!!!!!!

“Can we get cotton candy?” Ari questioned as they started walking.
“Where is the cotton candy stand?” Namjoon questioned.
“I think it’s on the other side, by the food area. Oh can we do that fishy thing! That looks like fun” Ari was getting excited seeing the games and getting distracted. She wasn’t the only one. J hope was going around looking at all the games close to them as well. He pointed out the balloon popping game.
“I want to play that one” Ari said pulling at Namjoon’s hand who was the only one who had remained at her side. Kooki had gone off to explore with Jin.
“Which game?” namjoon questioned.

"Oh pretty hair" ari said looking at a girl who had her hair in a side braid with flowers strung thru. Ari took her phone out and took a picture then several more of other people. "Okay Ari that's enough, your getting distracted from what game you want to play " Namjoon said.
"Oh I wanna throw darts at balloons, wasn't that the game J hope went to play? " she asked.
"Are you allowed near sharp objects? "He questioned her mouth dropped open
" Im allowed why say that?"she cried out,
"Well I'm not " he stated making her laugh.
"Why aren't you?" She questioned.
" something bad would happen" he shrugged.
"That's funny" Ari laughed as he grimanced
"not really something bad would happen" he repeated.

"Then can you find me cotton candy?" She asked " I want to eat a pink unicorn tail " she asked sweetly
"pink unicorn tail?" namjoon raised a brow.
"yup, cotton candy gets all airy and colorful, its a unicorn tail!" Ari grinned at him.
"Alright go over by J hope and Jin" he instructed.
Ari went over to stand by J hope was. She stood next to him for several minutes before he finally turned to her with a big grin on his face.
"I won!" He said excitedly while he did a happy dance. Once he was done the guy handed him a big stuffed animal.
"Piggy! " ari exclaimed excited. "I want next!" She took the offered darts from the clerk and tried her best. Ari hit 8 out of 10 balloons!
She did a happy dancing twirling around and raising her hands in the air.
” you get a small prize" the booth guy said. She could choose between small stuffed animals, the size of a beanie baby. There was a little tiger, she wanted it. Pointing to it he handed it to her.
"I shall call you Lily" Ari grinned happily. Getting distracted playing a couple more games she was no longer aware of her surroundings, taking a twirl she spotted a clearing that had a play area, swings and a jungle gym.

"Oh look there's a park, I want to go on swings! "Ari said heading that direction, she wasn't sure where the rest of the guys went but J hope stayed with her, raced her to the swings, they had a contest who could get the highest. Halfway through Ari saw large animals that looked like they were walking around. Pointing ari stared at J hope.
" I feel like a child but omo look look" she pointed at them as they kept walking closer and towards them
"Nooooo" J hope said before jumping off his swing and running the other direction. Ari continued to stare as those costumed people ran after J hope. She found it amusing,
" unicorn tail" someone said as pink fluff appeared in front of her,
"Cotton candy!" She exclaimed taking it. "Why is J hope running?" She asked
"He doesn't like those costumed people " Namjoon chuckled. "Its cool it's just the guys chasing after him" he added.
" That is epic " she staggered her words as she spoke.

Trinity’s view!

I wasn’t sure what to do first. I wanted to run around, go on rides, eat ice cream, oh and they had funnel cakes!
“Those lines look long” Suga commented pointing to the nearest ride.
“Hmm, it does doesn’t it” I tapped my chin. “Do you think we should get some of those funnel cakes than get in line?” Leaning against him I gave him puppy dog eyes hoping that he would be a sucker and say yes.
He chuckled. He didn’t say anything just chuckled.
“I want Ice cream!” Jimin said. “Oh they have a ramen shop” he pointed to a open shop.
“We could leave Jimin at the food court” Tae said. “We wouldn’t loose him” he laughed.
“No Tae tae, we cannot split up.” I looped one arm through Suga’s arm and my other through Jimin’s. “Jiminnie hold onto Tae so he can’t escape” I told him. He did what I asked and than we started to walk. Even though I was kind of in the middle I led the way to the funnel cake cart. Each on of us got our own and Jimin got 2, one for each hand than we made our way to the line for a fast roller coaster.
The line had gotten a little smaller but it still turned out to be a half hour wait. By the time we finished our food we were close to the front and could make out the lanes for each row.
“How many seats is it per row?” I asked.
“It’s two” Tae said. He was on his tip toes looking over peoples heads.
“So that means me and Suga and you and Jimin” Trinity said to Tae.
“That’s fine” Tae said grabbing ahold of Jimin’s arm. “Your my date!” he said in a cute voice which made me laugh.
A few minutes later they got on the ride, Trinity of course wanted the front row of the roller coast and it left Tae and Jimin sitting behind them.
When the ride hit it’s peak I raised my hands in the air still holding Suga’s making sure that his hand’s were up as well. In fact it looked like he was enjoying himself as he let a scream out when they went down.


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yay love it...although it's short it's still a great chapter