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(I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock. I turn it off and look at the time it's 9:00am. I look in the closet for an outfit. There we're all types of maid outfit so I put on the red top and skirt outfit.) "It really does show a lot of skin anyway now for the maid hair piece". (I put on the hair piece and heels brush my hair down and head out.) "Mrs. Nae???" I'm right here dear your very lucky. "Really how?" You've been assigned to personally serve the young master now the young master will be up soon make him some tea I'll show you. (After she shows me how to make it I make a fresh pot and take it to the young master then knock on the door.) "Master I made you some tea". Come in. (Opening the door I see the young master sitting in a chair so I poor him some tea and was about to hand it to him when it speeled all over his shirt.) "Oh master I am so sorry I'll get you another shirt". No need. "Huh?" (He takes off his shirt then gets up and starts walking over to me. I back up until I feel the wall then he corners me. His face was so close I could fill his breath on my face. Blushing I stared into his eyes as he did the same.) (My heart was beating rapidly fast. He chuckles before moving away.) Your adorable fetch me another shirt. (I get his shirt and toss it at him before leaving out tears in the corners of my eyes I head to my room.) "What was that? Why did he do that? (I lay in bed crying thinking what is this feeling when I get a call from Jeonghan.) O..Oppa. Yui what's wrong is everything okay? I.. I just want to see you I miss you so much. I miss you to and about that guess who is coming into to town. You are Jeonghan that's so great. Yeah Joshua has called in for a meeting so everyone's gonna be their. That means I get to see Hoshi, Mingyu, the8,Dino, Jun, and Vernon. I'm so excited anyway I have to go. I'll see you tomorrow yui. Alright safe wishes bye. (After hanging up I get a knock on the door.) Yui darling the, master will be holding a meeting let's teach you your training for tomorrow. (I go out for training and after a few hours I was ready I go to my room to rest up.) Wow seventeen coming together again this should be awesome until next time carats this is your girl Sam annyeong @selfishmachines @EmilyPeacock @RochelleRose @BBxGD @VatcheeAfandi99