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Roses are red, violets are blue, I love you, do you love me?


I got off work around 1 in the morning. I had to run home. While I was working I had my cellphone turned off and under the bar counter. When I turned it on, I had 5 text messages and 2 miss calls. Hana had called me twice and the messages were from my childhood friend, who was finally back home. He was over at Hana's where I had been staying since she left for France. I ran because I missed him and wanted to see him. I ran because they didn't know I was no longer in university and I was out a little late. I ran because I know how Hana is and I didn't want them to be alone together for long. I ran. Out of breath with messy hair, I raced up the stairs instead of taking the elevator like a smart person. Hana lived in a condo, a very fancy expensive one. She was almost up to the very top floor. She was on the 10th. Normally I would be tired, crawling up the stairs, but now that I was so close to seeing him again, it gave me energy, gave me strength. I ran to the door, skidding to a halt. I need to calm down, control my breathing. I entered the code and heard the beep. I turned the knob and pushed open the door. I walked in and took my shoes off, setting them to the side. I saw Hana's expensive heels, and 2 pairs of men shoes. Who else is here? I didn't recognize the second pair, only my friend's. Cautiously I walked into the living and was greeted by my friend hugging me and lifting me off the ground. "SKY!" "Welcome home!" He set me down and step back to take a good look at me. "Gosh, you've grown...but still ugly." I glared and he laughed. "I'm kidding." "You still ugly too." I said to him smiling. "It's been a while Taecyeon." I hugged him. Taecyeon was tall, 6.1. His eyes were dark chocolate brown, tan complexion, and built. He was the CEO of a music entertainment company and he was my childhood friend. "I've missed you so much!" He said, crushing the air out of my lungs. "What were you doing out so late?" He stared at me. "You aren't getting yourself in any trouble are you?" "No, no, no." I shook my head. "I was studying for a test that's coming up. I was at the library and lost track of time." I lied. "Hmmm" He eyed me suspiciously. "Don't over study, ok? Don't over fry that little brain of yours." He smiled and I punched his arm. "Ah appa!" He faked pain. "Oh Sky-" He was cut off by my stepsister. "SKY! Welcome home! Why're you so late!?" She walked up and hugged me. I was about to answer her when I saw a figure moving behind her, walking up to us. He looked a few years older then me with aurban hair color and creamy tan complexion. I stared at him with curiosity and he mirrored me. I looked at Taecyeon, who looked at me and then in the direction I was staring. "Ah, I almost forgot." Taecyeon said, moving to the side and motioned for the young man to come stand next to him. He was handsome. "This is my brother J.B. Well technically my step brother." I bowed and JB did the same. I remember Taecyeon telling me about his mother remarrying and the man having a son, but I never met him. "J.B. this is Skylar, the friend I told you about. She's like my little sister." Taecyeon said as he moved to stand next to me and grab my shoulder. "She's 2 years younger then you." "Hello, nice to meet you Skylar." His voice was deep and smooth. I shook his hand. "You can call me Sky...nice to meet you too." I gave him my shy smile. I never liked strangers, they stress me our for some reason. J.B. seemed serious, and had a bad boy feel to him. He had a strong presence. "Oh!" Taecyeon disappeared for a second I into the living room and came back with a bouquet of flowers. "I got these for you. I know you love flowers." Baby breath, white lilacs, pear blossoms, yellow roses, red rose....yellow chrysanthemums... So he was the one who placed the order for 2 bouquets of flowers at Flora. I smiled at him, taking the flowers. Wait if I have the chrysanthemums the. The red daisies.... I looked at Hana and as if she heard my thoughts she spoke. "They're pretty aren't they?! Taec oppa got me THESE." She walked into the kitchen and grabbed a vase that had the same flowers as mine, but red daisies instead of chrysanthemums. Taec oppa? Since when do you call him Taec oppa!? Only I called him Taec besides his family and close friends. When did you two get so close? I was starting to feel anxious. My stomach felt like it was knotting. "Yes...they're really pretty...thanks Taecyeon." I said softly as I went into the kitchen to put them in a vase with water. Even though it was late, we, mostly I, ate. Taecyeon told us what all he did in the U.S. and I saw how Hana got more interested in him when she found out what he did for a living. I love my step sister, but she's like her mom, a gold digger. She loves showing off and getting attention. She thinks she better then everyone. Hana scooted closer to Taecyeon and started talking about herself. I stay silent, eating. I started getting uncomfortable with how much attention Taecyeon was giving Hana, I tuned out and looked away. When I turned my head, JB came into view. He was looking down at his hands. I had almost forgotten he was there. He hadn't said a word since we greeted each other. I saw him sneak glances at Hana. Wait....oh my...JB likes...NO WAY.... He looked at her they way I look at Taecyeon, hope and sadness filled his eyes. I scooted closer to JB when Taecyeon walked off into the kitchen with Hana following right behind him like a puppy. JB glanced at me, I lean into his ear. "You like my sister?" I whispered, but his expression looked as if I yelled it and scared him. "So you do like Ha-!" He covered my mouth tackling me to the ground. "Don't be saying things that aren't true." He whispered, brows knitted tightly. I bit his hand and stood up. “You know, you’re just wasting your time. She only likes older men with money. you’re about 3 years younger than her, so unless you have tons of money, she won’t even look at you.” I wasn’t trying to be rude, i just wanted him to open his eyes and see realty before he ends up like me. loving someone who never looks at you. he stood up and walked up to me. our faces were 5 inches apart. “You don’t know what you are talking about and i suggest you shut up.” This fool. i smirked. “How long have you known Hana?” i asked. “…A few months…” at least he answered that question honestly. “where did you meet her?” “France, on business.” he kept his answers short and clear. i just nodded my head. Taec and Hana came can back with a bottle of wine and some glasses. I stopped asking question. We drank and talked, mostly i listened and watched Jb watch Hana who watched Taecyeon who looked at everyone. Everyone got tipsy or drunk to say. the started drinking beer and soju. I was the only one sober and awake. Jb had fallen asleep on the floor, while Taec feel asleep sitting on the sofa and Hana leaning against him. My step sister was a heavy sleep, so I grabbed her arm and pulled her off of his shoulders and let her drop to the other side. I covered all three of them with a blanket and got to cleaning. It was now 4 in the morning and I had work at 6 a.m. After cleaning I showered and got dress. I wore a light blue long sleeve button up dress shirt and dark blue skinny jeans. I looked at the time, 5:25 a.m. I grabbed my bag and house keys. I wrote a note saying I was off to school and set it on the coffee table for my sister and Taecyeon to read. They were all still sound asleep. I left them the three of them to their dreams and I headed off to work.
I took the bus to the Book cafe I work at, I made it at six and started setting up. Seven came and we opened up, it was just me and 2 others working today. It was a busy day and on top of that we had one costumer being snobby. I saw her yelling and complain to one of my coworker. I walk over just to make sure everything was okay when I see her grab her coffee cup her anger rising. Oh! No she wouldn’t! I thought that he would throw her coffee so i ran up to them and just as i did, i see that coffee cup rise. Hot coffee scolded my left shoulder and back, I had shield the serve just in time. “NNNNGH!” It hurt so bad I wanted to scream. “OH MY GOD!! UNNIE! ARE YOU OKAY?” Jiyeon, the server, cried. I shook my head and Jae Eun the other co-work who was also a manager, rushed over. “Take Sky to the back.” he said, the lady who had the attitude stood up and started ranting. Jiyeon look like she didn’t want to leave Jae Eun to deal with her by himself. “I got this, go!” she nodded and helped me to the back. I dropped to the floor and curled up, tears pouring out my eyes. Oh how it hurt, burned. I couldn’t think or focus on anything else. JaeEun came to the back room and saw me on the floor with a panic Jiyeon who didn’t know how to help me. JaeEun called the boss and another work and told them what had happen, after that he talked to Jiyeon on the side and she took me to the hospital while he stayed to take care of the cafe. The time was no 8 in the morning. The nurse and doctor said i had 2nd degree burns and the wrapped me up. I wouldn’t be able to use my left arm much, because of the burns. Jiyeon had to leave at some point and she gave the nurse my information. They nurse told me the called someone and they were on there way to come get me so I waited. I wonder if Taecyeon and his brother already left…Oh! I hope they did leave, if Taecyeon finds out I'm in the hospital he would freak. wait what if they called my dad? oh goodness my step mother would through a fit…sigh…I wonder who is coming to pick me up. Please, please, please let it be Hana or Nami. "Dahlia!?" A familiar voice spoke. "What happened?!"
Well, that's it for chapter 2 of Unrequited Romance. Sorry for it being so short, it's all I manage to write with my busy schedule. I'm so sorry for not posting as often and being late on my stories. I've been busy with work, taking care of my family, and college. I also recently had my wisdom teeth taken out and I am in pain and loopy of my medications…lol Thank you for those who support me and are waiting for more releases. I'm working hard guys. Love you all and thank you. Please tell me your thoughts on this one and any questions just ask and if I have the answers to it I'll tell you. ^^ P.s. Sorry for any misspells and grammar error… >/\<

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