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Be careful who you talk too.
Always watch your back.
Don’t trust anyone.
Don’t trust yourself.


"Kylie!" I called out as I walked into the restaurant. She was sitting in our usual favorite spot, a table for 2 , right by the front window, in the corner. "Sorry I took long."
"It's okay, I ordered our usual." She got up and hugged me.
She felt skinny. I sat down and observed her. She looked pale, fragile, her long walnut hair looked dull. She looked tired and I saw bruising on her arms and shoulder. Kylie was also observing me. She pulled he jacket tight around her and the sleeves down to her fingertips.
"Dahlia..." I looked at her eyes, tilting my head a little. "You're bleeding." She handed me a napkin and pointed. I touched my neck and looked at my hand, red stained my finger tips. I had a small cut below my left ear, about 2 fingers down from my jaw.
"Are you okay?" She pulled her chair next to me, worried clouding her face. "You have dirt on you and... your hand!" She grabbed my right hand and pulled it closer to look at it. My knuckles were bruised and bleeding. I had a few cuts.
"I'm fine."I said pulling my had away. "I took long because I was hoping to get here faster, by taking a shortcut… through the woods."
"The woods!" "You know it's dangerous to go through there at night, Dahlia!" She gripped my arm and whispered. "That's were they hide…and find the most bodies."
"Kylie, relax. Don't believe everything you hear on the news. They hide everywhere and it's dangerous night or day. " I said. I looked and saw the owner of the restaurant walking towards us with food in his arms.
"Go back to you place, foods here." Kylie got up and put her chair back. The owner set the food down and turned on the little grill on the table, before leaving. Kylie had ordered our favorite, samgyeopsal, pork loins. It looked like big, thick pieces of bacon.
We ate and we drank.
"Kylie run! Run!" "Dahlia behind you!" Red and black everywhere. Pain and fear fills my body. I hear growling, I hear breathing. Someone's chasing us, no, something is chasing us. I turn around and I see a hand reach for my face. Kylie screams. Black engulfs me. I blink and I see my hands covered in blood and bodies all around me."Kylie!? Kylie, where are you!?" I spot her amongst the other bodies. Her eyes dead, lifeless. I cried. I screamed.
I woke with a jolt, falling off the bed. I was tangled up in sheets and Kylie was sound asleep on my bed. I wiggled myself free of cover and checked the time. It was 7 in the morning, I groaned. My sleep, whyyyyy? Uhuuu...ugh. It was the weekend and I didn't have work, but since I was already up, I decide to take a shower and go out for some coffee and breakfast.
The sun seemed sleepy and it slowly rose higher into the sky. It was a cloudy day and the October wind played with my hair. There were few people on the streets. The air smelled crisp and clean, but the town felt gloomy. Soldiers patrolled the streets, armed and ready. More and more monsters have gotten gutsy. They have been coming out in the day as well, killing. Some looked gruesome, others like humans. It was getting harder and harder to tell the difference between a monster and a human being.
A shiver ran down my spine as I got closer to the café. This part of town, where I live, is the most dangerous. There is a forest in the middle of the city and that's where the monsters seem to live. I just think that's where they just leave their pray. Many bodies are often found right on the outskirts of the forest. Not many venture deeper in.
I look all around me and the few people walking, to work or going home from a party, looked at me as the passed by. Up ahead I saw the café and even more head I see the forest and a crowd of people. There was yellow caution tape blocking off the forest and police officer talking to news reports. I slowed my pace, curious. Must be another body or maybe they found a monster.
I saw a hooded figure, in the shadows, watching the scene. He turned and stopped when he saw me. Did he know me, did I have something on my face, was there a monster behind me? So many possibilities ran through my head. He smiled, revealing a dimple and then lowered his head as he walked in my direction. I slightly panicked and froze. I held my breath until he brushed right past me. I swore I heard him smirk. It kind of pissed me off. Was he laughing at me?? Do I even know him?? What the heck. I shook my head and walked inside the cafe, ordering 2 french vanilla latte and some sandwiches. As I waited for my order, I glanced at the tv they head up on a wall. The news was on and everyone was listening, watching.
“A body was found today in the Blood Forest. A male in his late twenties, early thirties. Police are investigating and are refusing to release any news. A by passer who had spotted the body said that it looked like the man was attacked by a monster.” “Oh! Police officer, was this another monster attack? What are your thoughts on the escalating dead bodies?”
“We believe this was just an accident. It was no monster, just a wild animal. No more questions. Please excuse me.”
“Officer, wait! Officer! Should we be scared of walking around in the daylight now!?"
“This happened at night. Everyone knows monsters don’t come out in during the day. Goodbye."
“This is SKNews keeping you updated.”
They should a picture of the man who was killed. He looked familiar to me, but I didn’t put to much thought into or take a second look. My order was ready and I went back home, hoping Kylie was still asleep. She really needed it just as much as she need food too. Last night she devoured everything and she had felt skinny. I wanted to ask if she had been eating, but I knew she would lie to me. She hates worrying me just like I hate worrying her. We've know each other since little kids and we've had each other's back ever since. I came from an orphanage, my mother left me when I was 3 years old and never knew my father, but that’s another story for another time.
I get home, unlock the door and Kylie throws it open, grabbing my shirt and squeezing the air out of my lungs as I tried not to drop our breakfast.
“DAHLIA!!! Don’t ever leave without telling me again!!” My ears rang from how loud she yelled.
“Wha…? Whoa calm down!” I said, trying to push her off of me.
“No, I will not calm down! I wake up to find you gone, I turn on the tv and see the new!” Oh, so that’s what this was about, ok. “I thought you were hurt or dead!"
“Kylie, Kylie! I went to the cafe to get us breakfast see.” I pulled the bag up to her face.
"And if you watched the whole news you would have seen that it was a man they found and he was killed last night.” I walked into the kitchen to set the food down, Kylie was right on my heels.
“But, b-but, the cafe is right there by the woods a-and I was worried, last night you went through it.” She said. “What if that was you!?"
“Kylie!” I spun around grabbing her face. “It wasn’t me, I am ok, and monster rarely ever come out in the day and even more so with a crowd."
“No buts.” I said, pinching her cheeks and pulling them.
“Aahaaw, tha weally hutz, an you neva no.” I let go of her cheeks to understand what she was saying.
“Ow, that really hurt you know.” She rubbed her cheeks, frowning at me.
“Psh, yeah, I know and I didn’t understand a single thing you just said.” I grabbed my sandwich, taking a bite.
“I said you never know, remember last month they found a girl that was attacked by a monster as she was heading to school and people have stated that they’ve seen some durning the day!” She said as she reached into the bag looking for her sandwich and latte.
“Yes, I remember, but that was the only time and those people lie. We have yet to see evidence of a monster in the day or what they look like." I stated.
“True, but some monsters look like humans!" She was very loud and hyped for the morning.
"You don't need to yell.” I said walking away from her. “ You don’t believe that right? If monster looked like humans then a lot more people would be dead.”
“Eh, but maybe you right. I heard that there are vampire, werewolves, and Ghouls because they found bodies that look like they were drained completely of blood, clawed and bitten, and eaten.” Kylie went wide eyes .
“OH! Maybe our neighbor is a vampire!"
“NOOOO STOP! Don’t tell me that!” She covered her ears and looked around the house as if a monster was with us.
“Well, she could be. I’ve never seen her out in the day.” I shrugged my shoulders and finished off my breakfast.
“Dahlia, can we stop talking about this?” She sat down on the sofa.
“You started it, but whatever.” I felt like I should be remembering something, doing something “Aaah, shoot!"
“Wha, wha?” Kylie looked up at me startled.
“I almost forgot, I have to drop off some papers to Junsu.” I said as I grabbed the papers off the kitchen counter where I had left them.
“Right now?” Kylie stood up walking behind me as I grabbed my coat and put my shoes back on.
“Yes, right now, tomorrow they are publishing so I have to give him the article today well honestly, since yesterday.”
“Oh okay…Do you want me to go with you?” Kylie worried for me, always has, always will.
“ No, I'll be okay. You just stay here, ok?” I said half way out the door. “ Don’t let anyone in.” She nodded her head and waved goodbye.
Junsu, who is a co-worker of mine lives, close to my work place, which is on the other side of town close to what everyone calls “Zero Zone” and the Blood Forest. I always wondered how that place survives there and hasn’t had any problems with monster incidents. I write articles for the daily magazine, I'm kind of like a reporter. I write what I see and able to find out. My job can be a little dangerous, but I get paid well and work at home if I want. I love it, honestly, and my boss is pretty cool. My co-workers are also cool, very helpful, most of them.
Junsu is like my partner, well recently he and I were paired up to do a report on the nightlife of Hong-Dae and monster activity thats been going around close by. Everyone wants to see what a monster looks like. My boss believes that some monsters are like wolves in sheep clothing, he believe some people aren’t actual humans, but evil beings. My job, finding out who are the monsters and who aren’t.
Yup, my job can get dangerous, but I have yet to find someone who isn’t human. I usually work by myself and I like it that way. Junsu, yeah he’s helpful, but every time I'm around him at work or on the job, I get this weird feeling, he makes me uncomfortable…but HEY, I gotta suck it up if I wanna get paid. The walk was long and taxis won’t take anyone into Zero zone or near it. You got to walk there.
To make time feel less, or to say, make it go by faster, I listened to music. I let myself get lost in the rhythm. I have a tendency to day dream, zone out a lot, that I never realize how far I got or how I got to my destination. My music suddenly stopped playing and thats what made me snap back to reality. I pulled my phone out and had yet to turn it on when I saw a reflection on my screen. Looking closely at it I notice it was a male, he was walking behind me, but keeping a distance. I acted like nothing.
I turned my screen on and looked at the time, only 12 in the afternoon, yet it looked like it was evening with the sky being covered by grey clouds. I didn't check to see the reason my music stopped instead I pretended to look through my social media while walking. In my head I was calculating how far I was from Junsu’s house and debating if I should make a run for it, call police, or confront the man. A part of me wanted to run, screaming, but another part of me wanted to face him and see what he would do.
I kept walking with my heart running around inside my chest like a wild animal, occasionally keeping an eye on him through my phone or peripheral vision. (I look both ways when I walk and pretend to look at my surroundings.) Heart calm down, calm down, we don’t need a heart attack at this moment.
“Hey, I'm almost to your house.”
I called Junsu as I crossed the street, but the man did not.
“Yeah, yeah, I have the papers.”
I look straight ahead.
“I'm, like, three minutes away, I see the building.”
Something cold and wet kisses my check. It starts to drizzle and I run for the doors.
“I'm inside, k, bye.”
I hang up and look behind me as the door closes. The man is standing in the rain looking up at the building, not at me. Strange… An uneasy feeling settled in my gut.
Junsu and I went over the article and evidence we had, touching up the details. I sat on the floor and he was on the sofa, papers surrounding us. He typed away on his laptop while I looked through some documents. I felt a heavy weight and glance up catching Junsu looking at me from under his glasses, before he looked back at his screen. I caught him looking at me two more times, I decide to move to his dinning table bring all the documents with me. He neither said or do anything.
It got dark real fast and the rain roar down on the world with anger. Lightening flashed and thunder shouted. I felt a chill and wasn’t sure if it was cause of my damped clothes and cool temperature or something else. Junsu got up and stretched.
“You hungry?” He asked as he walked up to his fridge. “I can order take out?”
“Nah, I'm okay, but if you want to go ahead.” I said. “Wheres the article from last winter?”
“Over there, on my desk.” I got up and went to look for it.
Junsu’s desk was against the wall that had a window so you could look straight out. I peeked to see how bad the weather was. It looked like it was midnight when it was only four in the evening now. It was completely dark, one could see nothing. Lightening flashed lighting down below, I saw something dash across the street. I didn't know what it was or if I was seeing things. I found what I was looking for and went back to the table.
The uneasy feeling grew and I felt the need to leave, to go home. I started packing my things.
“You done?” Junsu asked, walking up to the table.
“Yeah, here's the final draft.” I handed him the article I worked on.
“You’re leaving?” I nodded in response.
"In this weather?” I nodded again. He blocked my path and made my inner alarm go off.
“It's too dangerous right now for you to leave. Wait till it calms down a bit.”
A loud explosive thunder rumble and lightening illuminated the world for a brief second taking the lights with it.
A black out.
Fear gripped my bones, I hated the darkness. I hated not being able to see. I hated how all of a sudden Junsu put his hand on my arm. I hated the touch, the feeling. He was too close, I could hear and feel his hot breath near my cheek. My body went rigid.
Something bad was about to happen.

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