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This all but too true! Also he is my bias, bias and fan alike I guess you could say ^^. See many of my friends and family members say I am slow especially in the morning. I can't help it though, I am not a morning person at all. I do everything in slow motion when I wake up but it is the best I can do. I know to be ready at a certain time but I will be lazy about getting ready till closer to the time I need to get up. So I am always on time. I am responsible towards everything in my life. I get things done and I am always there when you need me. If I fail I take responsibility for my actions as well. My friends always call me adorable and I am like "me? Really?" I think it is because of my actions and reactions. They may seen cute but I never acknowledge it because it's who I always have been. I guess I am cute but it is just funny when I hear people outright say it. Even my boyfriends would say how adorable I was, which is pretty nice. I would say my cute actions do make up for my slowness at times honestly. >\\\ this is so embarrassing to talk about! Aigoo~ anyways just wanted tp share my result and how good the similarities are to prove that the quiz is pretty truthful. Anyways bye byeeeee~!
I got Sanha! He is my bias in ASTRO
I got Jinjin
I got JinJin!
I got Moonbin. He is my favorite.