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Anyone watched the international version of We Got Married?

The actress that was paired with Taecyeon is Emma Wu, most known as Gui Gui (which means (little ghost).
She started out as a member of a 9-member Taiwanese girl group called Hei Si Hui Mei Mei (黑澀會美眉). The 9-members were chosen from an audition for variety show Blackie's Teenage Club. From their
This was one of their popular song 123 Mu Tou Ren (Mannequin). The song is about a girl who freezes in action when she sees her crush and is finding courage to confess her feelings before it's too late.
After a long hiatus the groups came back with a new name, Hey Girl.
In 2007, Gui Gui did not renew her contract with Channel V and left the group to pursue her career in acting.
Some of her notable dramas: Brown Sugar Macchiato (2007)
Mysterious Incredible Terminator (2008)
Love Recipe (2011)
Summer Fever (2012)
A Different Kind of Pretty Man (2014)
What I like about this actress is her unique and genuine aura.
Have you seen any of the drama she starred in?
I've only seen her in We got married with Taec. I thought she was adorable in that though! I didn't know her name meant little ghost. Interesting when you think about how many dramas Taec has done about ghosts... (Must not let myself speculate.)
@pharmgirlerin LOL. That's a good observation. haha
I watched the We Got Married season with them two in it