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Sword Art Online

I absolutely love the detailing on the cram school uniforms in SAO! I always love uniforms that have the highlighted lines like that, and the button detailing on the skirts give them a bit of a militaristic feel. The blue detailing on the collars is rather unique; I don't think I've seen anything like that elsewhere.

Honorable Mentions

Blue Exorcist

These uniforms also have that lining detailing that I love. I love the collars on the boys uniforms, and the fuller bows for the girls are cute (plus they cover up where the shirt would pull apart on more well-endowed girls, like Shiemi or me!).

Kill La Kill

Come on! They give you superhuman abilities! 'Nuff said!


The longer skirt of Hiyori's sailor uniform is quite practical and lends itself well to running around and adventuring with Yato, and her high school uniform is super cute. I love the black shirt under the lighter pastel blazer where color schemes usually go the other way. Even Yato likes it! (yes, that is Yato. I believe that was the first OVA, if you haven't seen it)

Ouran High School Host Club

Cute as those dresses are, if I was Haruhi, I'd probably be happy I didn't have to wear one every day!


I like the different layers to these uniforms! They also have that lining detailing like I like, both on the blazers and the girls' tops, as well as the cute plaid skirts, and the boys have that shoulder detailing, which I like.
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haven't seen that one, but sounds cool!
I feel like I've got to be sick, I completely forgot to add the uniforms from The Irregular at Magic High School they were amazingly detailed.
@BlackDragon88 that they are!
@OtakuDemon10 They are also quite snazzy.
@BlackDragon88 same! I'm too lazy to pick out my clothes...
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