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Kayelynn entered a KDramaXclusive contest, and won! Her prize? To work as an assistant to the director's assistant on KDramaXclusive's first movie production while they shoot here in the U.S. This is the story about one noona that won the greatest prize for any kdrama/kpop fan. Join along as you and Kayelynn meet BTS boys Jungkook and Jimin, Descendants of the Sun's Kim Min Seok, OK Taecyeon, Kim Woo Bin, Seo In Guk, and oppa Lee Phillip!
This was Kayelynn's first time flying in an airplane. Her nerves were jumping all around her body; she didn't know if it was the flight or the fact that once she got off that plane she would be working alongside some of her favorite kpop and kdrama actors. She pulled out a copy of the congratulatory letter from the contest. The original was of course framed and hanged in her room to be worshipped. She's read it over a hundred times, but decided to read it once more before the flight. Dear Mιѕѕ Kayelynn, Congraтυlaтιonѕ! And тнanĸ yoυ ғor enтerιng oυr conтeѕт. Iт ιѕ wιтн greaт pleaѕυre тo нonor yoυ wιтн тнιѕ once ιn a lιғeтιмe eхperιence. KDraмaXclυѕιve ιѕ prodυcιng ιтѕ ғιrѕт ever draмa, and yoυ wιll вe along ғor тнe rιde. Pacĸ yoυr вagѕ! Yoυ wιll вe ғlyιng тo LA тo ѕpend one мonтн aѕѕιѕтιng тнe dιrecтor'ѕ aѕѕιѕтanт.... Lee Pнιllιp! Yoυ wιll alѕo geт тo aѕѕιѕт ѕoмe oғ тнe acтorѕ aѕ well! Wнo? Oĸay, we'll тell yoυ. In addιтιon тo Lee Pнιllιp, yoυ wιll alѕo вe aѕѕιѕтιng Jυngĸooĸ, Jιмιn, Kιм Mιn Seoĸ, OK Taecyeon, Kιм Woo Bιn, and......Seo In Gυĸ! Her heart races, sweat begins to fall, her breath shortens. She only recently learned of BTS and she was quickly falling for their music. She is 32 years old..... BTS were still babies to her. She'd be almost everyone's noona... and yet, she was OK with that. She looked at her watch and noticed she'd be late if she didn't hustle. Once in her seat, she set her BTS playlist, closed her eyes, and tried to calm her nerves. Who was she trying to fool? This was going to be the best month of her life! Stay tuned for Chapter 1!
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