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He awoke to have Yoongi deeply asleep on his chest and he couldn't be more thankful that his boyfriend didn't drool. He was planning on telling Yoongi that he would take his idea and make up with Jackson. However only after his boyfriend had his morning cup of coffee. mark grabs his phone that is by his head on the pillow and he click on the Kb and Baby Bash names in his contacts.
Mark 8:15am
Mark gets ready to put his cell phone down when he gets an immediate reply back and he prays to god that it isn't from Baby Bash first.He wants to talk to him but a little bit later.
Kb 8:15am
Hey Mark! We haven't talked in over a week! What's up we miss you.
Its BamBam who replies first (Thank you God)
Mark 8:16am
Nothing Just woke up and relaxing in bed, and i miss you guys too.
Kb 8:16 am
wow that isn't like you Mark usually you are up by now, get up lazy bones, and how is it going living with Bangtan Especially Hobie hyung.
Mark 8:16am
I can't exactly get up right now, and i guess its pretty cool i mean even though they are busy, we still do stuff together.
Kb 8:17am
So what you mean is that you can't get up because Yoongi hyung sleeps late, and you spend most of your time with him? Oh and Yoongi is close to Hobie Hyung right?
Mark 8:17am
why do you keep bringing up Hoseok? And i don't spend that much time with Yoongi
Kb 8:17am
Yeah you do, i've see your instagram post this past week and it's a whole lotta you and a whole lotta Yoongi and i like Hobie.
Mark 8:18am
I haven't posted that many pictures with him and besides i thought you liked Yugyeom.
Kb 8:18am
No way that was in the trainy days, Now Yugie is totally just a friend, Sadly Hobie is too...oh but i think you should text Yugyeom separately i feel as if he doesn't want to be apart of this group text, he's reading the messages but he isn't replying.
Baby bash 8:19am
Shut up Bammoo! it's you two are boring.
Kb 8:19am
You wanna know what hasn't been boring though.
Mark 8:19am
Baby bash 8:19am
Kb 8:19am
Yugyeom irritating the soul out of Jb and Jackson, and especially when the iron fist that Junior had delivered to JB.
Baby Bash 8:19am
the asshole deserved it
Mark was surprised. Junior punched Jb? For what? He usually didn't have a bad temper and the prospect of BamBam and Yugyeom going against Jb was surprising as well. What the hell has been happening.
Mark 8:21am
Why did he punch JB. What did he do?
Baby Bash 8:21am
and it was amazing how you nailed Jackson in the face it was amazing.
Mark 8:21am
What happened?
Kb 8:22am
we dissed them that's what happened.
Baby Bash 8:22am
even if it's interesting i don't think we should be having this conversation with Mark Hyung.
Mark 8:22am
Speak of the devil, guess who just texted me.
Kb 8:22 am
No way you're Joking!!
Mark 8:23am
I'm serious, i'll text you guys later.
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Baby Bash 8:23am
I don't see why he is going to talk to him. he's a dick!
Kb 8:23am
let it go Yugie, come on we have to get ready for practice.
Baby bash 8:24am
Yugyeom wasn't delighted about the fact that Mark would be talking to jackson but what could he do, Mark wasn't even his boyfriend. though he really wished that he was. But who was he kidding there was no way that would happen because Mark was happy with Yoongi Hyung. Yugyeom pulled himself up and decided to do what he's been doing the whole time to cope with this. Yugyeom knocks on Jinyoung's door "Hey, what's up?""Shut up Jin, i'm in the mood."
Mark flipped to the contact named jackson and read the message,
Jackson 8:22am
Mark 8:25am
Jackson 8:25 am
i'm sorry Mark.
Mark 8:25am
For what?
Jackson 8;26am
For being an asshole.
Mark 8:26am
Really i thought you were just being yourself.
Jackson 8:26am
Mark 8:26am
Joking XD, i miss you jackson.
Jackson 8:27am
i miss you too.
Mark 8;27am
so i heard Bam nailed you in the face.
Jackson 8;27am
...Yeah how much of that did you hear and from who?
Mark 8;27am
who else Yugie and Bam Ba, but i only know that Jbo and you got "dissed" whatever that means.
Jackson 8;28am
it means they said screw Jb and I till will both made up with you, i didn't do it cause they told me to, but because i really do miss you, i realized that when we were in a group chat and you weren't apart of it. Also i saw on instagram that you and Yoongi have been hanging out.
Mark 8;28am
awwe i'm touched you still follow me on instagram.
Jackson 8;30am
hey don't push it mark.
Mark 8:30am
Hey jerkface i get to joke around a little you were the one who ignored me, Twice!
Jackson 8;30am
kay okay i get it.but are you and yoongi together.
Mark 8;31am
Yeah we are, and suprisingly he isn't as obsessed with Kumamon as everyone thinks he only has one giant plushie.
Jackson 8;31am
Youre serious, you sure he doesn't have a secret shrine somewhere.
Mark 8;32am
yeah unless it's in one of his socks. XD XD
Jackson 8;32am
XD XD i'll text you later though the manager texted us and said that i have to start getting ready for practice. oh and Jb said that he would text you later. is that okay?
Mark 8;32am
Jackson 8;32am
Just talk to him please for me
Mark 8;33am
fine i'll think about it go get ready.
Jackson 8;33am
kay text ya later.
Jackson was happy he talked to mark an they even joked around. which means they were cool again. If only he could get Mark to be cool with Jb again. However that seemed unlikely because the more jackson thought about it the more he realized that Mark never officially seemed cool with Jb. he wonders why.
Yoongi stirred in his sleep. and mark guessed that he was texting to hard on his phone. "what the fuck Mark, why the hell does your body keep vibrating?" Yup he was texting too hard. "yoongi, you're tired you are talking nonsense.""Don't bullshit me Mark!Stop moving." This is exactly why Mark didn't want to wake him up, i mean Mark did have to pee for the past 30 minutes but he would've rather pissed himself. "By the way what time is it?" "It's almost 8:40" "What.The.FuckMark why didn't you wake me up!Now i only have 10 minutes to get ready." Yoongi was always like this and Mark was used to his Hysterical behavior by now. "Yoongi you guys have the day of today remember." Yoongi stopped in is tracks because obviously he did forget and his face was doing it's cute little twitch it does when Yoongi tries to think early in the morning. "Why the hell didn't you tell me!""Why do you keep cursing! it's too early in the morning." Yoongi shut his mouth for a bit after that, mark suggest he hit a nerve. OOps.
"oh yeah i meant to ask you does Hoseok have anybody special?""yeah...well no they are more like friend with benefits.""Who?"Yoongi sizes up Mark and glares at him "Why the heck do you care?""Chill out no need to get jealous okay BamBam wanted to know cause he's interested in Hoseok.""oh alright the kid with the Neapolitan hair." For the next 15 minutes the conversation consisted of what Hoseok liked and disliked and mark guessed they were pointers for him to tell to BamBam later.Mark also found out that Hoseoks FWB was Baekhyun from Exo. Mark has only met the guy once, all thanks to tae, and from what he can tell Baekhyun is pretty cool, no wonder Hoseok would FWB him.
Off of Hobie for a bit. " i talked to Jackson this morning and Yugyeom, you already know about BamBam though." Yoongi didn't like the fact that Mark was Talking to Jackson But then again it was his idea."We made up." "That's great, so you're going back?" Mark didn't know why but Yoongi sounded a little sad... or maybe it was just his imagination. "No, i'm not in the mood to see JB and besides i was already planning on leaving the group, i just left a little bit early, and i would miss you too much."" Liar."
Mark pulled yoongi into a hug, he could be such a baby sometimes, and without meaning to the two of them fell asleep again. I guess this is how they planned to spend his day of together right. But Yoongi really did need to do something about that Kumamon it kept poking him the ass while he was sleeping.
walla i finally wrote the chapter imma die in summer school tomorrow's okay.....i hope you liked it oh and if you have any couples that you want included in here just tell me and i'll try my best to include them. GOOD NIGHT.