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Every car enthusiasts dreams of a wide open road along the coast like this. Sharp turns, a beautiful sunset, and nothing but the sea breeze and ocean beside you. I'm not a big fan of convertibles but seeing this takes me back to the days of driving my s2000 and putting the top down for a road like this.
where is this 😍
got 2 do dis again!!!! Hell yes!!!!
@cheerfulcallie I know what you mean, sometimes living such a busy life we need to take a step back and find some alone time. I think that for all of us to live a healthy lifestyle it is important to do that.
@aero2042 I totally agree that would have to be a dream of mine as well!
i agree thats a beautiful scenery....as for me, i crave for the tranquility of silence....just me alone on this lonely road, to center and find myself, away from outside distractions....be simply me and sometimes we all need that....(*_*)
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