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Who'd you date SVT Joshua, or GOT7 Mark

Jisoos/ Joshua Hong:

-Singer of Seventeen
-Can play guitar
-dedicated Christian
-pretty shy
-deemed the “gentleman” of Seventeen
-Has said music is his life
-is always positive and smiles a lot
-English on point
-calm personality

Markipooh/ Mark Tuan:

-Rapper of Got7
-loves hip-hop
-flying member of Got7 (not much anymore)
-pretty shy as well
-English on point
-his laugh can stop global warming
-the type to have a ‘best friend’ type of girlfriend
-ball of overall cuteness
-Have you seen Mark Tuan? 10/10
Ayyyyyy....was it hard *smirk* BE HONEST AND SAY YOUR TRUE FEELINGS. Also, if you like the card i can ant request on who else you want me to do :D
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I'm going to choose.....Ma-...Joshua....agh too hard *thinks till death*
a year ago·Reply
I can't pick these are my bias it's like choosing one bias for Exo's you just cant
a year ago·Reply
I'll choose mark
a year ago·Reply
I choose Joshua Seems husband material for me Though I love Mark too sorry Markiepooh
a year ago·Reply
I LOVE BOTH but if I had to choose...Joshua~
a year ago·Reply