G-Ri or Nyongtory is the first ship I ever shipped in kpop, and that's because THEY JUST GIVE US SO MUCH MATERIAL!

They love each other very much, but in what way? Only they really know, I suppose. So here we have five beautiful fan-made MVs, edits, and compilations to support these two and their strange love. XD

Shall we?

This is probably my favorite on the list, it's very high quality and the song is cute.

This one fades in and out of subbed clips to simple short experiences. And as you can see features a shirtless GD pulling on the maknae's nipple. . _ .

He don't seem to mind too much tho, hmm? ;)

A compilation of moments using their own song! I think they failed at not falling in love... and that's just fine with me.

The extra clips at the end are wonderful as well. Seems GD is trying to tell Seungri something with that ear pulling.

My second favorite on this list, because the voice over is so deep and nice and I think it really fits. The ending ties it up well.

This one is very short as well.

And here we have moments, beautiful moments of these two together in the 2015 year!

Even if they aren't secretly gay for each other (for real tho, I dunno guys I think there's something there) they're just so cute when they're around each other.

Love it.

So what do you guys think? Is Nyongtory real? :O


How about now? o _ o


Well that's cool, you can have your opinion ^^

And I can have my mornings looking at these two and going

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Special Guest (That's always in my cards, lmao LOVE YOU BB)
@CosmicCassidy I think these two are accidentally gay just like Namjin = _ =
@LinnyOk Haha I think it's such a popular ship because it seems so real. Glad you liked it :)
if I ever really desired a ship to be real it's nyongtory I mean they've got so much chemistry and like u rightly pointed out they never cease to give us material or atleast GD keeps it fresh, his teasing maknae never gets old, love this card.
@SatinSkies thank you! It's amazing the work fans put in and I watch edits like these all the time so I'm happy to share it with the community
I loved this card! Great choice in videos!
badddd!!!!!!!馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 but i love iT
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