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Recently, it has been told the entire SM crew will be flying to Hawaii for SM's 20 anniversary!
And we've been told the former president and founder of SM, Lee Soo Man, will be paying for 350 staff and all singers to travel in August! Schedules are being altered to ensure as many artists as possible can attend this large workshop.
Preparations include reserving planes, hotels, and transportation, but these have already been made or are almost complete. So if you're in Hawaii next month, be on the lookout for the SM gang!

Are you guys excited to see pictures and updates from this workshop?

Love you guys! ~Elayne
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My best friend is in Hawaii right now, she is so lucky
a year ago·Reply
@Kpopfangirl15 Lucky! i wanna go someday!-🐳 Sky
a year ago·Reply
Me too, well, I should probably tell her to take some pictures for me while she is there 😂😂
a year ago·Reply HOMELAND...but I'll probably be BUSY working...but I'll find time😂
a year ago·Reply
Never in my life have I wished to visit Hawaii as much as I do right now! If I could go next month I could eat the vegan ice cream (served in coconut shells!) I read about a while ago and maybe run into EXO? That sounds like an ideal trip to me 😂😭
a year ago·Reply