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Welcome one and all to day 2 of our ship week here in the G-Dragon community!
Today, we celebrate the glorious ship that is GDxSeungri a.ka. Nyongtory! This is personally my second favorite ship of all in the kpop land and below I'll show you just why that is!
Check out the event announcement HERE so you can see the week's schedule and join in on the fun!
There is the lighter side of Nyongtory.....
.... just a pair of goofballs who love to mess around and make each other laugh.
They always know they have a shoulder to lean on when they need support and comfort....
...and a cheerleader in their corner with words of support and compliments.
But slowly those proud gazes turn into something else. Something...deeper....
....until you're left sitting there, staring, wondering when the two of them ARE JUST GOING TO KISS AND GET IT OVER WITH!!!
Sorry for being so late with this card! I had a crazy busy day with work and family stuff but I wouldn't dare miss Nyongtory day!
Hope you all enjoyed it!!
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My List:
Best ship ever Nyongtory forever 🐼🐲💙💙
ayyyyyyyeeeee GD was gonna get his man Lmfao 😂😂😂
GD, ... why you chea.... never mind 😏😏😏😏