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Sticky Blobs is a physics puzzle game for iOS. The game features a species of blobs whose home planet is running low on a precious resource, so an elite team of self-replicating blobs are sent to Earth in order to steal as much of it as they can. These essential items (i.e. raspberries) are scattered throughout 60 puzzles in 4 different worlds, and nabbing them doesn’t remain easy for long. At first players just have to tap and drag a finger off of a blob to spawn another, then tap to pop them and recover some of their limited supply of goo. Sticky Blobs is a surprisingly great puzzle game. It’s super-easy to learn but gets more and more complicated as players progress, and many of the levels are very clever. Fans of physics puzzlers have absolutely nothing to lose by giving it a shot. You can find this game here: Sticky Blobs (iPhone) http://is.gd/ql05hn This game is not available on Android.